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Good bye speech - very long

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Good bye speech - very long

New Fort Knox

Sunday, September 21, 2003 - 03:00 am Click here to edit this post
oop i just not paying muchn atention i guess, but since u his or her friend(i only say it that way cus his/her name is wartime concubine)u think u could send him/her this list? they all good and mega fun, and the sites with librarys rock. u should try tibia though, its a medival rpg, i duno why but man is it addicting after u hit the main land.

Imperio Colombiano

Sunday, September 21, 2003 - 08:41 pm Click here to edit this post
___________"Hacking attack on Tibia's servers

In the night from September 17 to September 18 one of our servers was hacked. Unfortunately the hacker got access to our central database. Therefore we had to shutdown our complete service. We are currently patching all servers and changing important parts of our data structure to ensure more security in the future. A complete reset to a state before the hack is inevitable. Of course we will do our best to be online again as soon as possible and provide a compensation to all premium players for their lost time. In addition, we started investigations to identify and prosecute the hacker. More details about this incident will be announced once our normal web server is available again.

We hope that we can soon continue our normal work, the work on the next bigger game update you are already expecting for a long time!

See you again in Tibia!
Your CIP-Team"____________

Guess that rules out one game. ;)


Monday, September 22, 2003 - 03:46 am Click here to edit this post
u woulnd say that if ye where in any of us new players possitions.

You obviously don't know me very well. I applaud any effort to destroy you.

Automatic Murder Machine

Tuesday, September 30, 2003 - 02:52 am Click here to edit this post
from Wartime Concubine:

I was bored and came to Sc to have a look around the BB, I'm not back to play, just back to read and stuff.

thank you for the list of games Knox, I have played many of those and looked through the Mpog site, sorry to say none of the games have what I'm looking for. thanks for the list though, I appresiate (fuck the spelling) it.

SC is becomming a world of war even though the game rules do not permit realistic combat. this is due to the fact that most (or all) the vets are bored of the game...never ending games have that effect...even though resets are comming it will probly not be enough to change much as it is too little too late (IMO).

SC's econ aspect has it's merits even though it is no were near what it COULD be...I'll explain:

almost every game on the web has an economy based fully on a market price that is effected by supply and demand only. this is a fatal but simple system because one market may be more profitable than another due to the fact that no HUMAN player is producing that product. this makes the economies of those games "exciting" because there is a huge chance that the strat you chose will fail to produce the cash you need to be competitive. I've seen and experianced it a million times, one reset your strat is the best, the next it sucks. this keeps the game fresh and new each time you play it.

SC's economy does not have this aspect and will never have it due to the fact that your quality rank is the only thing that matters. supply and demand has no meaning in this game if your quality is maxed (or even high, 50ish upgrades or so) you will sell regardless of what the supply is at.

there is no strategy involved in the SC economy, how exciting is an economic model if you only have to build gasoline, construction, and production plants to make a huge profit? it's lame and boring because even though every single "good" player has 20+ of these corps, it has no effect on the other players. think about it, if everyone built only gasoline corps wouldn't there be a huge surplus of gas on the market driving the price down and destroying the profitability of the gasoline market? it would in real life, but not in SC the price drops for a little bit then comes back up. why? C3's. W3C has a program that directs the building of C3 corps based on the supply and demand of the world markets. this helps reduce large periods of demand (lack of a product) but also prevents economic collaps.

Economic collaps is just what this game needs once in awhile, but nobody wants that (not even me...when I played) because of the value of the corp. hell it takes months to get a corperation to a good profit margine and the last thing you want is for that market to collaps. I say that ONLY because it takes such a long time to build an economy of desent stature in this game. only building one corp per month, upgrade only 2 upgrades per 2 months, raise salaries only 3% per month, blah, blah, takes to freak'n long to build up a single corp, let alone a fleet of corps! point I'm trying to make is the game has no economic challenge, only economic patients.

and now for something completly differant:

errr.. look im sorry your quitting but some of us love this game or at least like playing it till there other game is back up and running. so why mess up the fun if any of other players by decclaring war on them? its just a game if ye not like it then dont play. i love wars games, this ones ok to me.SO DONT SCREW ME OVER BECAUSE YOUR POOR FRIEND IS QUITTING. Knox

look, eskon isn't attacking everyone because I quite, he's doing that cuz that's what he does, he's a warmonger...and a damn good one.

Screwing you over is fun. I see no problem with it. Screw you. Infidelia


u woulnd say that if ye where in any of us new players possitions. Knox

I assume you've been playing for less than a month or so and you have no clue about what to do. this is FAR to common in this game and the reason for this is the lack of a good instruction guide. W3C (the game developers) have been working on this alittle but are far from having a good guide complete. they have further hampered the learning curve by not taking that extra step and giving the players a "good" way of communicating. I've mentioned a private BB for feds several times and even e-mail the bastards about it, but alas, they don't listen....

but back to the point, I have started over in this game more than anyone here, believe me when I say it's not that hard to build a desent empire if you know what your doing...the trouble is newbs don't know what they're doing and vets can't really help them without telling them step by bloody step.

YOU have to go out and search for help in this game. TNN is a good place to start.

that's all.

eskon prime

Tuesday, September 30, 2003 - 06:16 am Click here to edit this post
Nice to see your name in here again WC. (if only for a moment)

when WC says YOU have to go out and search for help in this game that is the truth!I have learned more from reading old posts than from asking questions.

On these boards, almost every question has been asked many times and answered even more.Take the time to reserch the game and you will have a much easier time playing (and understanding) it.

TNN has some very helpful stuff and there is also a chatroom.(for those of you that have IRC it's #simcountry)

For anyone to rely on the documentation is foolish.The documentation does have some usefull information in it (and it should be read by everyone) but falls far short of explaining how to really play the game.( It's more of an overview )

Also reading the old posts will give you some of the history of the game (there is alot)and with the resets here, and the empires disapearing, The only original part of the game remaining,will be this board.

So read up before W3C decides that the board needs to be reset too, cuz if that happens....your all screwed!( cuz I don't have the patience or the will power to answer every question, and I'm sure most of the other "experienced" players feel about the same)

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