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Jesus Christ is coming soon....Repent with your whole hearts!

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Jesus Christ is coming soon....Repent with your whole hearts!

Rousseau Inc

Sunday, September 14, 2003 - 07:35 pm Click here to edit this post
Here's a little something interesting for you Doublestar;

EXODUS 22:19
"Anyone lying down with a beast is positively put to death"
"And you must not give your emission to any beast to become unclean by it, and a woman should not stand before a beast to have connection with it. It is a violation of what it natural"

Well, obviously God in his wisdom spent two paragraphs teaching us not to have sex with donkeys, explicity so without any dubious interpretation. So how come we're still grappling over things like IVF, contraception, transplants, blodd transfusiions etc (perhaps even abortion when rape occurs?) ,that have no such unambiguous teachings? It looks like God wanted to make sure we didn't have sex with donkeys because he foresaw it to be such an endemic problem for all mankind until the return of Jesus. HUH?

Disclaimer; I have never had sex with a donkey


Doublestar Nation of God

Monday, September 15, 2003 - 04:03 pm Click here to edit this post
The Responses of Doublestar

First to Soviet:
1. God Bless You, I love you and so does god! I do not see where Christians are uniting on earth, Yes We gather together many times to be around like minded for conspiracy's and things you refer to, the bible says," To be like-minded (share the same mind) in christ and to stay away from diverse conversations to side-wind your love for christ", or in other words do not get involved in diverse theories. So I wont. I will pray for you however...Woe! to the generation that denies god, for the fool has said there is no god but he has left his finger print everywhere to be found! Please change your ways and words, get right with christ and understand, what you are saying. There is one wise thing that comes with god, and that statement is,"THERE IS NO UNBELIEVERS AFTER THEY DIE OFF EARTH AND STAND BEFORE HIS THRONE, THE VERY ONE YOU DENY IS THE ONE WHO CREATED YOU, AND WILL 'JUST AND RIGHTEOUSLY' DECIED YOUR FATE".

2. IRAQ is Babylon! I will post this FACT here next time, I do not have my stuff with me except my bag. (Im at College).

Now to Xiping:
1. I am glad that you have such a (hopefully) True christian wife..."The wife of a sinner can sanctify the children and maybe convert the husband that he may be saved". Mr. please listen to what your bible says, or what your wife says, One day in the LOOOONNNNGGGG Seconds of eternity you will look back and thank your wife so much because she didnt give up on you and you met your god! God Bless.

2. Beware of religion. Anyone who thinks Christianity is a religion, has been lyed to. The words of my living saviour Jesus Christ, "Many shall say didnt I do this and prophecy in your name and go to church and heal the sick?, and Jesus will say I know you not!" This is so very true. Many people all over the world go to church, and I am sorry to say that many preachers themselves will be denied by christ. They teach "Mass" and not "Life". They preach of politics and not Jesus. They say," well these miracles have only happened in the past, they dont happen any more". Let me tell you something, THAT IS A LIE FROM THE PIT OF HELL! The bible says "Jesus and the father are the same YESTERDAY< TODAY< AND FOREVER"! If not then God himself would be a lyer! Stay away from traditions! When Jesus was on earth the one thing he broke was all traditions. Iwill explain this also later!.

3. Christianity is a RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD, NOT A BELIEF IN GOD. See when you look at your mother you don not say "I believe in you mother so bye", you say instead "Hi mom!" Well, if you really believe in god you wont say, "GOD IF...or I believe in you GOD" instead you would say " Hi God, I love you!" If your wife or church does not see anyone get healed or the so-called preacher himself does not speak in tounges then they are false..."In the last days, there shall be many followiing traditions and satisfying what they want to hear, but then the son of God, That Great Lamb, who was slain from the foundation of the World (JESUS) will be seen in the skies and the ENTIRE world will weap at his coming, and STILL MANY WILL DENY HIM, BELIEVING NOT, AND BEING FALSE PROPHETS!" Ask your wife has she been filled with the holy spirit, for the ONLY proof to the unbeliever is the speaking of unknown tounges! If there is no tounges there is no SPIRIT. After tounges shall come healings and GREAT JOY!

Doublestar Nation of God

Monday, September 15, 2003 - 04:17 pm Click here to edit this post

Many (these days) do not understand true christianity! If you are a unbeliever or a saint (an unbeliever who now believes) then listen closely.

True Christianity is Defined as the following:
"NOT TRADITIONS, nor theory, nor suggestive, nor furious, nor angry, nor of evil works, nor by faith alone, nor by works is the combination of Faith and works (faithful works). God Has made this very clear."

What in the bible do we follow?
The old testament are the things of the past...remember back then before Jesus only Jews could learn of the true God because God chose them! They are the Old testament! The rules of the old testament were a CURSE, because of man's rebellious and disobedient acts. Some of those laws are still here but everything that is physical is not.

Jesus broke the SABBATH MANY TIMES ON PURPOSE! He said that he is the sabbath, whosoever follows him has followed the sabbath. God wanted man back so Jesus died for are sins. The New Testament is the Eternal laws god has given to all man, NOT JUST THE JEWS! If you have any questions ask me, I have to go now...I hope you understood something. I will clarify if you ask.

Do not steal, kill, fornicate, commit adultery...Love God is the top commandment and love each other is the second...if you do these you will have no sin in you, for all the commandments are in these two God Bless!!!

in the name of Jesus Christ.

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