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Economics -problems and solutions-

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Economics -problems and solutions-


Monday, October 27, 2003 - 07:03 pm Click here to edit this post
see disclaimer below ye Wc3 peeps.

Country presidents (and CEOs) rely on succesfull companies, to get a stable (positive) budget flowing and plan ahead...

As i see it, the economy of Kebir Blue is now severely, and probbably structurally screwed.

Several factors leading to the permanent character of this, and some possible (in my humblest opion of course ) solutions:

Presidents can't transfer money to and fro companies---- with the current money shortage and consequential expensive loans, thats defenitely frustrating. This should easily be installed, since CEOs can.

Ceos can't in their turn, determine which percentage of the profit made by their companies stays at those companies to pay back debts and make them generally financially healthy. (less vulnerable to common simcountry hazards like the resets killing the workforces, or the generally crummy trade system leaving them dry of supplies for months or more... more about this later)

(variable, controllable spending limits)
An Oil Company, using more services alone than a services company can produce should have a spending limit considerably higher than for instance a services company. Maybe it is so, but it seems not, at least the limit is hardly adequate to buy more than 3 months worth of services at a time for the above mentioned oil companys...

Why is it that when the system starts to buy goods automatically, the quantities can be spectacularly much bigger than the "normal" ones? here 24 months worth of service (at least 50M worth..) seems not an exception. when the first demand is not met, this can be repeated, leading to:... staggering 100M or more debt.

another idea to make trading less burdensome on the long run:
it would be nice be able to specify a time when to order certain quantities of goods. other than the standard one month before running dry.
To be able to set an automated policy like this one: buy for 7-9 months worth of each type of goods, 3 months before 0 at certain strategy/price.. nicer even to be able make a standard immediate purchase for 1 month if this long term order isn't fullfilled in time.
This would save me a lot of boring ordering around. because of the lack of controll over quality i don't like buying at certain lvls above or below market price.

other point: buying goods at a certain price (say +20 percent of market price) can be quick but very overpriced... maybe a combination of price and desired quality minimum would be nice to be a lbe to specify.

In some cases, material costs are bigger than the sum gained by selling fished products (best price, even at major continuing shortage markets). A more realistic (or a more quickly reacting) price system would save many of us a lot of headaches.

Sheesh...that sums it all about up for now hope this helps u guys in any way...

the board is pretty stuffed, and hard to overview.
i din't see any thread that tackled with all the problems adressed here simultaneously. if they are existant... sorry missed them.
Oh yeah... im neither a programmer, nor an economist so have a good laugh at me if im wrong or ask impossibe things, but no more...

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