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bullet Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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TNN SimNews :: Your News- Stand for Simcountry

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Wednesday, December 17, 2003 - 10:54 am Click here to edit this post
Have something to say? Ever wanted to try your hand in reporting? Do you feel the beginnings of a rant building up in you? Are you curious to know the how other players and the top players play? Want to optimise your country with all the useful hints and tips collected?
Then come down to TNN SimNews, the Total News Network for Sim Country!

Over here, you can read news from a variety of sources about the happenings in the various worlds as well as participate in the discussion and the active SC News community!

News submission OPEN to ALL!

We are located here
TNN SimNews

We Provide

1. Regular news covering a variety of different aspects of gameplay. TNN covers the biggest wars, federation movements, bugs in the game, all the latest strategies not to mention the interviews with some of the most success presidents in the game as well as the gamemasters themselves and much more!
2. Sim Country Tools -->
. SimSpider DB & its search interface (search for information & stats on countries, presidents, federations in-game as well as those within your war range)
. Sim Country Market graphs
. Sim Country Rankings.
. Sim Country World graphs
3. Sim Country Help, FAQ, Strategy compilation.
4. TNN Forums based on the phpbb2 core offering a host of features which are not offered in the SC BB.
Features include message formatting, quoting, thread popularity ranking, in-board e-mailing
& private messaging, user groups, images, avatars, attachments, links, polls, emoticons, rankings for the users and much more which make the TNN forums a powerful and pleasant message board that is a joy to use.
5. Polls on the major issues in Sim Country
6. User points system to rank readers by site contribution and activity.
7. Real-time chatroom via #simcountry IRC Channel with statistics for the channel
8. The TNN Newsletter gives registered members a rundown of the latest events that have taken place.
9. All players are welcome to contribute their own articles to TNN. Aspirant reporters
or developers are also welcome to apply to become part of the Staff at TNN!

In the Works:

. Continuous work on the FAQ and strategy sections
. Graphical automapper for countries
. TNN Newsbot
. Labelled maps of all worlds.
. War News Summariser

Brief Background of TNN

TNN SimNews is dedicated to providing Sim Country players with a comprehensive central site containing as many of the tools
& information that exist for the game of Sim Country as well as updated news of the happenings in the different worlds via a system of both staff & player-based reporting.

We also aim to assist new-comers and veterans alike in understanding more about the game via our integrated system of TNN Site forums, open FAQ structure as well as written guides and collection of game strategies (in progress).


Saturday, January 10, 2004 - 09:03 am Click here to edit this post
TNN Has Shifted to

Federations are welcome to apply for their private federation boards in TNN.

The process is simple, make sure you have a TNN account and a TNN forum account (just go to the TNN forums once upon signing in for an auto-signup), then E-Mail your federation details.

Federation Details Needed
1. Federation name, which SC world, member amount and main board administrator.
We will only be accepting applicant federations which have at least 5 unique presidents (5 in free worlds, 10 in Golden Rainbow). This means that multiple countries owned by the same president in the federation counts as 1 only. This is to reduce possibility of setting up boards for federations which are not serious about their organisation and future.

2. Number and types of boards desired, eg. General, War, Internal Affairs.

3. Access permissions for the different boards (can choose to detail them in the application e-mail or after it is setup). For example, a special board that is only accessible members within the federation leadership.

Some useful features for federations
1. Federation chairman or members of leadership to moderate or co-moderate the various boards with ability to access, read, post, reply, edit, delete, make stickies, make announcements, vote, create polls, attach files and download files all fully customisable.

2. Powerful permissions system to ensure that only your federation members see the federation boards and they see exactly what they're supposed to see.

3. Ability to make threads sticky, make announcements, setup polls to vote on issues.

4. Support for sub-federation boards whereby each sub fed can have its own moderators, board hierarchy etc. all within the same main federation category.

5. Message formating options with BBcode & controlled HTML support.

6. E-Mail notifications about replies to your posts or threads you subscribe in.

7. Customisable ranks & avatar system plus e-mail like private messaging system.

8. Forums integrated into TNN SimNews giving you a one stop access to SimCountry Tools, News, Rankings & Federation boards right on TNN itself.

TNN SimNews

TNN Editor


Sunday, March 21, 2004 - 05:29 pm Click here to edit this post
bump, for all the newbies. welcome, guys.

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