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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?

Simcountry terminology - dictionary of terms used in Simcountry

The most often used terms in simcountry are explained here. If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact The Gamemaster. This list is maintained daily.

unitLogOffloadAirdropUnit @auoAtUnit@ dropped at @auoUnit@s drop zone:
unitLogOffloadAirliftUnit @auoAtUnit@ offloads at @auoUnit@ destination:
unitLogOffloadBattleUnit @molBattleUnit@ offloads:
unitLogOffloadSupplyUnit @molSupplyUnit@ offloads:
unitLogReplenishBattleUnit @molSupplyUnit@ replenished @molBattleUnit@ with:
unitLogReplenishItem @amount@ @unit@ @product@
unitLogReplenishSupplyUnit To replenish @molBattleUnit@, @molSupplyUnit@ is loaded with:
unitLogReturnAirSupplyUnit @molSupplyUnit@ is returning to the Military Airport @molBaseName@
unitLogReturnSeaSupplyUnit @molSupplyUnit@ is returning to Navy Base @molBaseName@
unitLogReturnSupplyUnit @molSupplyUnit@ is returning to the Military Base @molBaseName@
unitLogSendAirDropper @molSupplyUnit@ received instructions to airdrop @molBattleUnit@
unitLogSendAirLifter @molSupplyUnit@ received instructions to airlift @molBattleUnit@
unitLogSendAirTransportUnit @molSupplyUnit@ received instructions to transport @molBattleUnit@
unitLogSendSupplyUnit @molSupplyUnit@ departed in the direction of @molBattleUnit@
unitLogWaitForAirTransportUnit @molBattleUnit@ is waiting for air transport by @molSupplyUnit@
unitLogWaitForSupplyUnit @molBattleUnit@ is waiting for replenishment by @molSupplyUnit@
Universities This line shows the number of universities that are currently available in your country.
It also show the number needed for a reasonable education level and the university index which is a measure of how good university education is.
A level under 100 is insufficient.
University Index The university index is one of the three components of the Education index. The university index depends on the number of universities in the country and the number needed. If the number needed is equal to the number available, the university index will move gradually to 100.
The education index tends to move in the direction of the lower of the three partial indexes: the school index, the high-school index and the university index.
It does not make sense to increase only one of the three components because the education index will remain similar to the lowest of the three.

Increasing the university index is easy: Build new universities but always make sure you have university teachers. If you don't have the university teachers you need, some universities will be closed.
University Teacher Education Priority This is the education priority for University Teachers. If you experience shortages or if you want to improve the education system quickly, priorities can be increased for some time. To develop your country the education system must be excellent.
unmain Notifications
unrestCorporationCountryDamage Infrastructure in the direct neighbourhood was ruined causing important damage to the country.
unrestDeadAndWounded There were @unrestDeadAndWoundedDead@ casualties and @unrestDeadAndWoundedWounded@ people were wounded.
unrestEcoBeginOfBody The population in @unrestSubjectCountryName@ has attacked @unrestSubjectCorporationName@ @unrestSubjectCorporationKind@ in protest of @unrestEcoUnrest@.
unrestEcoSubjectCorp The population in @unrestSubjectCountryName@ is continuing the civil unrest.
unrestExtremeDamage @unrestExtremeDamageTarget@ is very severely damaged.
unrestNoDamage No damage to @unrestNoDamageTarget@ is reported.
unrestOccBeginOfBody The @unrestSubjectCountryName@ liberation movement has attacked @unrestSubjectCorporationName@ @unrestSubjectCorporationKind@ to destabilize the economy and to discourage the foreign occupation forces in the country.
unrestOccSubjectCorp The @unrestSubjectCountryName@ liberation movement continues its revolt.
unrestSevereDamage @unrestSevereDamageTarget@ is severely damaged.
unrestSomeDamage @unrestSomeDamageTarget@ is reported to be damaged.
unrestTargetClosed The factory @unrestClosedTarget@ will be closed down.
unrestTitle  Rebels attack factory in @unrestTitleCountry@
Unsold Products Most corporations offer their products on the market. Some may retain products for trading in direct contracts with others. This field monitors the amount of unsold product in the corporation. If there is too much product offered on the market but unsold, it will show "Too High" in red. In that case, try to cancel the product offers and sell the product faster for a reduced price. You can also sell "Immediate" but you will receive a lower price. Large numbers of unsold product cause corporations to reduce production and fire some of their workers.
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uploadCountryFlag Settings
uploadNationalAnthem Settings
uploadPresidentImage Settings
uploadWelcomeMessage Settings
US Dollars in your account This is the amount in $ US that is currently available on your account
us001changePict1 My Site
us001changeText1 My Site
us001changeTitle My Site
us001customize My Site
us001install My Site
us001menu My Site
us001preview My Site
us002changePict1 My Site
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us00XuploadDocument My Site
Use Game Level Requirements The way your game level is evaluated does not replace the need for defense if you are in war level 3 or up. Game Level Requirements have two modes. If you want to use the peaceful game level requirements, you will not be judged by any defense related index levels. If you want to be evaluated with the defense included, a different set of requirements will apply, including the defense index and your war level. you can free switch between the two modes.
usecoins Simcountry
usecoins2 Simcountry
User Order Strategy in Months Create orders based on the consumption last month.
User Order Strategy in Units Create orders based on absolute quantities.
userblog My Blog
userpage My Site
Utilization of Production Capacity This is the percentage of the country's industry which is being utilized in production. The utilization level will reach 100% if al corporations will work at full capacity.
vaclaim Claim Virtual Asset
Value of all Ammunition This is the total value of all the ammunition you have in the country
Value of all Materials This is the total value of all the materials you currently have in the country
Value of all Military Bases and Airports This is the current value of all military bases in the country and all military airports. The value is based on market value.
Value of all Professional Soldiers and Officers The Professional soldiers and officers can be bought at a price. This is the total value of such soldiers and officers.
Value of all Weapons This is the total value of all the weapons you have in the country
Value of Government Assets Government assets are schools, highschools, universities, hospitals, water installations, roads and railroads etc. This is their value based on market values.
Value of Materials No description available yet
Value of Military Assets No description available yet
Value of Space Centers The current value, based on market values, of all space centers in the country.
Value of Supplies This is the total value of the supplies the corporation has in stock. Supplies, or raw materials, are bought in large quantities and their value can be significant.
vamain Virtual Assets
vapack Package Virtual Asset
vCLoanMessage Your loans now total more than $ 1 Trillion. This is not a problem as you need to invest but additional loans may carry a higher interest percentage and every new loan will be at a higher rate. You may pay loans back early but this carries a 1.5% penalty. If you are not interested in the details of loans, the system will do it for you. It will take loans for you when the cash goes under zero. It also pays loans back when they are due.
vCTeachArmyReserves You are advised to have some reserve materials for your army including: 5.000 Trucks, 500.000 Military Supply products, 500.000 tons of Gasoline and 500.000 tons of Aircraft Fuel.
vCTeachDefensive Your defenses are weak. This situation may trigger someone to attack your country. Purchase many defensive weapons. Interceptors and helicopters are functional against most attacks except for missile attacks. Defensive missile interceptor batteries are effective against any attacking missiles. Short range missile batteries and anti aircraft missiles are effective against air attacks and they destroy some of the attacking installations. You need thousands of these missile batteries to protect against a large attack. Purchase the ammunition and missiles needed for each weapon. You need at least 40 missiles for each battery. Fortifications are very effective in making your country harder to conquer as the attacker must destroy them all to conquer your country. Land forces are effective only against an attack by a direct neighbor. Try the deployment of weapons on the war page and learn how to protect essential targets. A defensive index at a level of 200 to 300 makes a country hard to conquer. Several hundred fortifications make it a very long process. Making war against your country very expensive and take a long time will deter potential enemies.
vCTeachDefensiveUnits Your country should improve its defense by setting up more military units. You are advised to maintain at least 2 Defense Interceptor Wings, a Defense Helicopter Wing, a Land Defense Division, a Long Range Division, a Small Supply Unit, a Large Supply Unit and one Air force Attack Unit.
vCTeachDeficit Your finances are not balanced. You have a shortage on your monthly balance of payments. You should either decrease your costs or increase your income but at the end you must balance the monthly income and cost or your debt will increase. Income can be increased by building more corporations that are working at full capacity and are upgraded to high quality and high efficiency. These corporations will produce more profit and pay more taxes. You can also increase corporate tax but that will reduce their profitability and market value. Cost reduction can be achieved by deactivating some of your weapons to reduce the cost of the army or a reduction in social security. Education and health can also be reduced but rebuilding education and health is a long process.
vCTeachEducationPriorities The education priorities in your country are too low. The education priorities page shows priorities as numbers. The total of these numbers should be 120 or more. (If the total is more than 120 is automatically scaled back to 120). A total lower than 120, reduces the number of graduates from your schools. Tuning your education is one of the most important details in the economy. You need many professional workers in your corporations. If you do not have them, your corporations may reduce their production levels or stop altogether.
vCTeachEmployment Unemployment in your country is quite high. You can try to set up additional corporations and increase employment. It takes time to build them but they employ many workers. Keep building corporations. Make the corporations more effective by upgrading them. If efficiency is upgraded, corporations will use smaller numbers of workers. These workers can be employed in even more corporations. Increased employment will improve your income with more corporations paying taxes and more workers paying taxes too. Unemployed workers receive social security payments and these increase your cost. Your education may need some tuning to produce the workers you need for your corporations.
vCTeachHealth The number of hospitals in your country is insufficient. If you do not have enough doctors, senior doctors or nurses, change the education priorities to produce the staff you need. Health is an important factor in the game and influences the welfare in your country. The health index contributes to your score as president. Low healthcare levels will cause civil unrest. Your population will not accept bad health care if the country can afford better quality.
vCTeachRadarPlane Your country does not have defensive radar planes. Radar planes are important for your defense. If you are attacked, your air force will be more effective in defending your country if it gets information on where the attack will hit. This information is only available if you have radar planes. Make sure you have at least three and defend your defensive air force base heavily to prevent their destruction. Your enemy will try to destroy these radar planes because attacks on targets in your country become easier when the radar planes are out of action.
vCTeachRail You do not have enough railroads to support the size of the economy and demand for more railroads is high. Build more railroads. This takes some time, as you need to purchase them and then have them built. You might see that the map of your country will be refreshed from time to time to show the new railroads.
vCTeachRoads You do not have enough roads to support the size of the economy and demand for better roads is high. Build more roads. This takes some time, as you need to purchase them and then have them built. You might see that the map of your country will be refreshed from time to time to show the new roads.
vCTeachSchools Your country does not have enough schools or high schools. You need more to educate more people at a high level and build your economy. Keep building schools even beyond the numbers shown as needed. You will need more teachers and you can take care of that by increasing the education priority for teachers. The education index depends on the school index, the high school index and the university index. Make sure your school, high school and university indexes are in the range of 120 to 180 for good results.
vCTeachSocialSecurity The social security payments in your country are at a low level. In order to improve the satisfaction level in your country, one of the things you should do is to increase these payments. This of course only if you can afford the increased cost. (Better health, education, salaries and more, will also improve the satisfaction level.)
vCTeachUniversities Your country does not have enough universities. You need more to educate more people at a high level and build your economy. Build universities even beyond the numbers shown as needed. Your education index depends partly on the university index and for good results, it should be in the range of 120 to 180. You will need more university teachers and you can increase the education priorities for university teachers.
vEntTeachDebt Your debt is now quite high. This is no reason for concern but it does cost a lot in interest payments. You may invest further and increase your debt but you must be aware that there is a limit to what you may borrow and at some point, you must start reducing your debt. Check interest payments as a fraction of your cost. If they become a major factor, try to improve the profitability of your corporations before you continue with large investments. Once you are profitable, investments can continue.
vEntTeachEfficiency If you upgrade the efficiency of your corporation, it will produce the same quantity of products but with a smaller number of employees. This will reduce salary costs and increase profits. There is also a negative side. Upgrades cost money and the corporation needs more high-tech services. The number of low-level workers goes down but the corporation needs several more high-level workers and executives. If these are not available, you must update your education priorities or if you are a CEO, discuss this with the president of the country. Efficiency upgrades do make sense also for the country as it will make it possible to build more corporations. If education allows, upgrade your corporations as many times as your finances allow. In the long run, they will become very profitable.
vEntTeachNumberOfCorporations If you want to be successful as an enterprise president, you should increase the number of corporations you own. You can achieve this by either purchasing existing corporations or building new ones. Either way, increase the number of corporations you own and then work on making them profitable. They will pay some of the profit to the enterprise and make it possible for you to pay your debts or invest in purchasing more corporations. Building corporations in countries without a president is easy and does not require any agreement with the country. You can always build, even if workers are not available. Set your salary levels a little higher than these of the state corporations and workers will move into yours.
vEntTeachProfit Your corporations do not produce a profit. As a result, the enterprise is losing money instead of making some. Corporations make profits if they produce at full capacity and sell all their products. Make sure you increase production levels and hiring and mainly, make sure you sell the products in direct contracts or on the market. If there is a surplus of products on the market, you may decide to reduce your prices or increase your quality. If your products remain unsold, you will not be able to make a profit. You can make an automatic connection between the quality of your products and the price you sell them for. This will automatically update your pricing to the current quality of your products.
vEntTeachQuality If you upgrade the quality process of your corporations, they will produce higher quality products. If the quality of the products is for example 10% higher, you may try to sell them at a higher price, for example 5% higher. This will still make them about 5% more attractive than standard quality products. This is a way to increase the revenue of your corporations and improve your competitive advantage. On your corporation page you can purchase quality upgrades. They carry a high price but most times it makes good business sense. Keep upgrading your corporations and their profitability will increase. Private corporations can be upgraded 125 times and if pricing is correctly set, will be very profitable.
vEntTeachWelfare Your enterprise will function better if your employees are happy. This will happen if you take good care of them by increasing their salaries and by making your corporation more profitable, which makes everybody feel more secure. Salaries can be increased but if they are completely out of line with the rest of the country, the corporation may make losses, so this must be done carefully. If salaries are far too low, you may find out that your employees are leaving your corporations for better jobs elsewhere.
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viewThemeHead Preview Desktop
viewThemeLine2 Your are now previewing Theme @strip(miArg1)@.
viewThemeLine4 You can click Accept Theme to make this your default desktop theme.
viewThemeLine5 Click Reject to stick with the current desktop.
volcanoBody The death toll has risen to @volcanoKilled@. @volcanoWounded@ persons were wounded.
volcanoCenter The epicenter of the quake was in @volcanoCenterCountry@.
volcanoEvacuated Officials said that, @volcanoEvacuees@ residents had been left homeless.
volcanoIntro Geological Survey recorded one quake with a magnitude of @volcanoMagnitude@.
volcanoTitle @volcanoTitleCountry@ hit by big quake near @volcanoTitleName@
votenews Latest Vote Results
votenewsjoinHead Vote News
votenewsjoinLine2 You must be a member to read the Vote News.
w3sAddedMainCash Insufficient cash in your country. @logCount@ Billion $E has been added to your country.
w3sAddedOffAAMB Your defense is too weak. @logCount@ Anti Aircraft Missile Batteries have been added to your defense. You can prevent intervention by ordering defensive weapons manually.
w3sArmyMaterialsOrdered The army is using ammunition and supplies to train its forces. The country ordered ammunition and materials for the army. Keep this Automation Feature on or Order Ammunition and Supplies yourself or implement Order Strategies for ammunition and supplies.
w3sBalancedWorkers Your population is well educated but the industry is short of workers. The profession of @logCount@ professionals was changed. As president you can change the profession of workers manually. To solve the problem at its root, you may need to check the priorities of your education system.
w3sCorpSalariesReduced Some Corporations are making losses. The salaries in those corporations have been reduced by @logCount@ percent.
w3sEduRaisedPriorities Your industry runs short on professionals. The education priority of @logCount@ professions was increased. As president you can set the priorities of your education system manually.
w3sEmpAutoCorporation The automation feature is trying to raise the employment rate to @W3SEMPmaxEMPLOYINDEX@%. Production and Hiring are already high for existing corporations so a New Corporation has been built. You can Build Corporations manually and turned off automation if you prefer to make your own choice.
w3sGovSalariesReduced Your country is making losses and the government salaries are too high. The salaries of all government workers have been reduced by @logCount@ percent.
w3sHealthStaffPriorityIncreased The health care system does not train enough nurses and doctors. The priority for health care staff has been increased. You can set health care priorities for most professions yourself.
w3sHealthStaffPriorityReduced Health care in your country has reached an acceptable level. The priority for nurses and doctors has been reduced. You can set health care priorities for most professions yourself.
w3sHighSchoolAdded  @logCount@ High schools have been ordered for your country. You can prevent such interventions by building high schools yourself and getting your High school Index to a level of 120 or higher.
w3sHospitalAdded @logCount@ Hospital has been ordered for your country. You can prevent such interventions by building hospitals yourself and getting your Health Index to a level of 120 or higher.
w3sIncreasedCorpTax Your country does not make profit. Tax for corporations has been increased by @logCount@ percent. As President you can set the tax rate for all corporations in your country.
w3sProdHiring100 The automation feature is trying to raise the employment rate to @W3SEMPmaxEMPLOYINDEX@%. For @logCount@ corporations the Production and Hiring was set to 100%. You can manage Production and Hiring manually after you turned off automation.
w3sRoadsAdded More roads will be built. In total, @logCount@ miles were ordered for your country. You can prevent such interventions by building roads yourself and getting your Road Index to a level of 120 or higher.
w3sSchoolAdded @logCount@ Elementary Schools have been ordered for your country. You can prevent such interventions by building schools yourself and getting your School Index to a level of 120 or higher.
w3sTeacherPriorityIncreased The Education system does not train enough teachers. The priority for teachers and university teachers have been increased. You can set education priorities for most professions yourself.
w3sTeacherPriorityReduced Education in your country has reached an acceptable level. The priority for teachers and university teachers has been reduced. You can set education priorities for most professions yourself.
w3sTrainTracks More train tracks will be built. In total @logCount@ miles were ordered for your country. You can prevent such interventions by building train tracks yourself and getting your Rail Index to a level of 120 or higher.
w3sUniversityAdded  @logCount@ University has been ordered for your country. You can prevent such interventions by building universities yourself and getting your University Index to a level of 120 or higher.
w3sWaterTreatmentAdded  @logCount@ Water Treatment Facility has been ordered for your country. You can prevent such interventions by building water treatment facilities yourself and getting your Water Treatment Index to a level of 120 or higher.
w3sWorkersBalanced Your education system is not training the professionals your industry needs. Some workers have been assigned a different profession. Please check the priorities in your education system. You may need to build more Schools and Universities.
war Documentation - War
War Experience This is your war level. Each time you win a war against a country without a president, you go up the war levels. It also earns you gold coins and increases your game score.
War Index The war index is an indicator of damage to your country resulting from war. It is close to 100 in peace time with no war damage. If this index is close to zero, your country is in real danger. At zero, you will be defeated and conquered by your enemy. when fighting, you damage your enemy and his war index is becoming lower. When the war index of your enemy is zero, you win the war.
War Level This is the war level of the country (empire). It is an indicator of the capabilities of the player. To get to higher war levels, you must fight wars of increasing complexity against computer controlled countries.
War Protection Countries can activate war protection if they have war protection credits that can be obtained as a booster. This can be done in peace time only. Switching war protection on and off requires three war protection credits. The WP feature is more limited on the Fearless Blue world.
War Protection Period This is the number of months of available war protection for these countries. It must be turned on to become active. War protection boosters are used more quickly on the FB world.
War Rank On this Best Warlords page, countries show with their war rank. The countries with the best war/loss results are showing high on the list. These are the best war players in Simcountry.
War Score This is you score for wars won and lost. Each war you win earns you points. If you do not win, points are subtracted.
War Treaty As a member of a federation you can decide to declare war automatically on anyone who declares war on any of the federation members. This is done to avoid delays in war declarations. If war is declared on a member of the federation and other members only discover that a day later, they will not be able to help actively in the first day of the war. With war treaties, the declaration is immediate and war will start at the same time for all the participating countries. War treaties are secret.
warbattleunits Land Forces
warChemicalDisasterBody @warChemicalDisasterKilled@ persons were killed and @warChemicalDisasterWounded@ persons were wounded.
warChemicalDisasterCenter The target of the attack was @warChemicalDisasterCenterCountry@.
warChemicalDisasterEvacuated @warChemicalDisasterEvacuees@ persons were displaced by the attack.
warChemicalDisasterIntro The measured strength of the impact was @warChemicalDisasterSeverity@.
warChemicalDisasterTitle @warChemicalDisasterTitleName@ hits @warChemicalDisasterTitleCountry@
warconfirm War Started
warConfirmDeclaration War Declaration
warConqueredUnitsMessage @conqueredUnits@ borrowed by @attackedName@ @toBe@ conquered and will not return to @ownerName@
warConqueredUnitsSummary @attackerName@ army takes full control in @attackedName@
warConqueredUnitsTitle @ownerName@ lost Mobile Units
wardeclare Declare War
warfeatures Documentation - War
warFightingAlliesDeadSoldiers The allies lost @warFightingAlliesDeadSoldiers@ soldiers and @warFightingAlliesWoundedSoldiers@ soldiers were wounded.
warFightingAssistanceAnd  and
warFightingAssistanceHead The defense was assisted by the
warFightingAssistanceTail  air force.
warFightingAssistanceUnitHead The defense was assisted by the
warFightingAssistanceUnitsHead The defense was assisted by
warFightingAssistanceUnitTail .
warFightingAttackedDeadSoldiers @warFightingAttackedDeadSoldiers@ soldiers were killed and @warFightingAttackedWoundedSoldiers@ were wounded.
warFightingAttackedLossesAnd  and @warFightingAttackedLossesQuantity@ @warFightingAttackedLossesKind@
warFightingAttackedLossesHead The country lost
warFightingAttackedLossesSingle  @warFightingAttackedLossesQuantity@ @warFightingAttackedLossesKind@
warFightingAttackedLossesUnit @warFightingAttackedUnit@ lost
warFightingAttackedReduced1 The attack may have been reduced or eliminated by Anti Missile Missiles.
warFightingAttackedReduced2 The attack may have been reduced or eliminated by Anti Missile Missiles and the unit did not receive any ground support.
warFightingAttackedReports @warFightingAttacked@ (the attacked country) reports:
warFightingAttackedShips @warFightingAttackedUnit@ lost supply ships, gasoline and military supplies
warFightingAttackedTrucks @warFightingAttackedUnit@ lost trucks, gasoline and military supplies
warFightingAttackedUsedAnd  and @warFightingAttackedUsedQuantity@ @warFightingAttackedUsedKind@
warFightingAttackedUsedHead @warFightingAttackedUsedHeadAttacked@ used
warFightingAttackedUsedSingle  @warFightingAttackedUsedQuantity@ @warFightingAttackedUsedKind@
warFightingAttackerDeadSoldiers @warFightingAttackerDeadSoldiers@ soldiers were killed and @warFightingAttackerWoundedSoldiers@ were wounded.
warFightingAttackerLossesAnd  and @warFightingAttackerLossesQuantity@ @warFightingAttackerLossesKind@
warFightingAttackerLossesHead The country lost
warFightingAttackerLossesSingle  @warFightingAttackerLossesQuantity@ @warFightingAttackerLossesKind@
warFightingAttackerLossesUnit @warFightingAttackerUnit@ lost
warFightingAttackerReports @warFightingAttacker@ (the attacker) reports:
warFightingAttackerShips @warFightingAttackerUnit@ lost supply ships, gasoline and military supplies
warFightingAttackerTrucks @warFightingAttackerUnit@ lost trucks, gasoline and military supplies
warFightingBorrowedUnit @warFightingBorrowedUnit@ is borrowed from @warFightingLendingCountry@
warFightingCorporationCountryDamage Infrastructure in the direct neighbourhood was ruined causing important damage to the country.
warFightingCounterAttack @warFightingAttackerUnit@ is responding with a counter attack on @warFightingAttackedUnit@.
warFightingDeadAndWounded There were @warFightingDeadAndWoundedDead@ casualties and @warFightingDeadAndWoundedWounded@ civilians were wounded.
warFightingDestroyed @warFightingDestroyedTarget@ is completely destroyed.
warFightingDestroyedTargetLosses Weapons based at @warFightingClosedTarget@ may have been destroyed.
warFightingDroppedNuke @warFightingDroppedNukeAttacker@ @warFightingAttackerSource@ placed a nuclear attack on @warFightingDroppedNukeTargetName@ @warFightingDroppedNukeTargetKind@.
warFightingLossesLeft Left

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