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bullet Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?

Forum Discussions in Simcountry and the forum history and content in the game

These pages include all the content of the Simcountry forum and discussions during the past period. The forum is an important platform where players exchange knowledge of the Simcountry game, exchange opinion and discuss a wide range of subjects each and every day. Many thousands of messages have been ported and the forum give an in dept understanding of the Simcountry community.

Simcountry: Corps (Fearless Blue)
Simcountry: Want Nukes (Fearless Blue)
Simcountry: Looking for contracts... (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: Airplanes needed to build airports (White Giant)
Simcountry: Weapons for sale (White Giant)
Simcountry: Does any one have a Cargo Shuttle for trade sell whatever i can do. (Golden Rainbow)
Simcountry: Female Leader Assistance (Golden Rainbow)
Simcountry: WANTED: All weapons on contract (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: CEO's wanted in Little Upsilon - Republika Bosna i Hercegovina (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: Countries For Sale
Simcountry: Interceptor Missles for Sale! (Golden Rainbow)
Simcountry: Need Missle Interceptor Batteries (WG) (White Giant)
Simcountry: Any one willing to sell me cheap pop? (Fearless Blue)
Simcountry: Land Based Cruise Missiles on LU (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: Increasing a Product Profit (Kebir Blue)
Simcountry: Selling strategic weapons (Fearless Blue)
Simcountry: CEO wanted - build here please - too many workers (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: Chemical missile contacts (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: Nukes for sale!!! from the United Israelite Empire (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: Corps using country stock (White Giant)
Simcountry: Fearless Blue Security Council Aid (Fearless Blue)
Simcountry: Got 800+ Units of PLUTONIUM for Sale (Fearless Blue)
Simcountry: All your friends cant help ya nw (Fearless Blue)
Simcountry: Hostile bidding? (Fearless Blue)
Simcountry: Need ceo investment (Fearless Blue)
Simcountry: PSA: FB 01.2012.6542 (Fearless Blue)
Simcountry: More Counties For CEOs (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: 0% Tax Country with Fresh pop (Fearless Blue)
Simcountry: 0% Tax & high welfare index...Build now! (Fearless Blue)
Simcountry: I Need Of A Federation (Fearless Blue)
Simcountry: CEO's are welcome to locate their corps in COVINGTON. (Fearless Blue)
Simcountry: Bids Needed (Fearless Blue)
Simcountry: Countries for sale (Fearless Blue)
Simcountry: Plutonium Contracts and Srategic Missiles for sale (Fearless Blue)
Simcountry: Advertise your Low Tax Countries (Fearless Blue)
Simcountry: Room for corps (Fearless Blue)
Simcountry: Thanks Jabberwok (Fearless Blue)
Simcountry: 0 tax country looking for CEO's!" (Fearless Blue)
Simcountry: SCWN FB War Report (Fearless Blue)
Simcountry: Begginers Questions (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: Why Corporations Lied to me (White Giant)
Simcountry: Taxes to zero? (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: SUDDEN_Massive worker shortages (Golden Rainbow)
Simcountry: Downgrade the Upgrades.(Confussed)Read on. (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: How do i improve my birth rates for all my age groups (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: How do I surrender in a war. (Kebir Blue)
Simcountry: Garrisons (Fearless Blue)
Simcountry: Shuttle Mission Profitability (White Giant)
Simcountry: Getting rid of offensive military airports (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: How to decrease army (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: General question regarding wages (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: Unemployment rate calculation? (White Giant) (White Giant)
Simcountry: Trade Strategies Keep Reseting (Fearless Blue)
Simcountry: War against C3's (White Giant)
Simcountry: Education priority (White Giant)
Simcountry: How long can I play this game for free? (Fearless Blue)
Simcountry: Production Plants Quality Level (White Giant)
Simcountry: Huh? (Fearless Blue)
Simcountry: Membership (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: Replenish Now! (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: Immidiate orders (Golden Rainbow)
Simcountry: Change to loans (Kebir Blue)
Simcountry: Clock on cash market pages (Golden Rainbow)
Simcountry: How to Stabilize the Game Economy (White Giant)
Simcountry: Suggestion to fix tax calculation (Kebir Blue)
Simcountry: My Corparations are suffering and so am I... (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: Some changes that would make the game more real. (White Giant)
Simcountry: How to Stabilize the Game Economy (White Giant)
Simcountry: Top players list (Kebir Blue)
Simcountry: More Radar Features (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: Kinetic bombardment for space wars (Kebir Blue)
Simcountry: Corporations Page (White Giant)
Simcountry: Poll Idea 10: Expatriates (White Giant)
Simcountry: Install the NLUO World Government (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: What do you think? (War) (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: Should the c3 be able to produce GC goods? (Golden Rainbow)
Simcountry: Corporation site map addition (Kebir Blue)
Simcountry: Ordering products on market - please add TOTAL CASH I will pay for my order (White Giant)
Simcountry: A better product selling system. (Golden Rainbow)
Simcountry: Gold Coin Rewards: How many do you receive for your 30-day membership extension? (Golden Rainbow)
Simcountry: Supply contracts do not deliver the correct amount. (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: Education Priorities. (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: Trade Strategies (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: C3 lower salaries (Golden Rainbow)
Simcountry: The Independent State of Simanti X (White Giant)
Simcountry: GM Roswell Has Reached Lvl 3,Still No Cions! (White Giant)
Simcountry: Countries hemorrhaging cash (White Giant)
Simcountry: Airdrop Special Forces (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: Country orders (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: Message bug? (Fearless Blue)
Simcountry: Level Three promotion (White Giant)
Simcountry: C3 problem with resetting in The Republic of Ministra (Golden Rainbow)
Simcountry: Can someone explain this one (Kebir Blue)
Simcountry: Profit or loss/population assets and cost of ammo (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: Shortage of Material (White Giant)
Simcountry: I cant move war units through other countrys in my own empire
Simcountry: Ammunition disappearing during Transfer (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: Question to the Gamemaster. (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: Were did the plotonium go ? (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: World War On White Giant (White Giant)
Simcountry: W3C - New players in the first 360 game months
Simcountry: GAAAARRRR!!!!! (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: JERUSALEM
Simcountry: W3C - Funny direct trading of gold coins
Simcountry: War Level (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: THIS BETTER GET FIXED (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: Crazy government costs? (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: Where are the game masters
Simcountry: When did this happen? (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: Anyone remembers Manny ?
Simcountry: Wow what a weekend (Golden Rainbow)
Simcountry: Tax rate for individuals (White Giant)
Simcountry: To W3C- game update (Fearless Blue)
Simcountry: Debate Topic: Environmentalism (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: I never understood this. (Kebir Blue)
Simcountry: Race baiting for political gain (Fearless Blue)
Simcountry: NLUO Elections!!! (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: Topic Change: New Idea for C3 Warfare (White Giant)
Simcountry: Socialism and Urbanization (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: Looking for enterprises to go in my country (Golden Rainbow)
Simcountry: Security Council Aid Request Thread (Golden Rainbow)
Simcountry: CEO's are welcome - 0% Tax Rate Here!! (Golden Rainbow)
Simcountry: UC/GREF Peace Treaty--Official Declaration (Golden Rainbow)
Simcountry: GR Federation Stats: 20 April 2010 (Golden Rainbow)
Simcountry: Get 5T in Untied Free Sim Cash (Golden Rainbow)
Simcountry: In need of United Development Aid (Golden Rainbow)
Simcountry: Declaration of Jihad against the UC. (Golden Rainbow)
Simcountry: Security Council Aid Request Thread (Golden Rainbow)
Simcountry: Nationalizing a corp (Golden Rainbow)
Simcountry: Offering 150 K LLW's for MLM's and Uni Teachers (Golden Rainbow)
Simcountry: 0% Tax (Golden Rainbow)
Simcountry: 0%-10% Corp tax Countries Please Post Here! (Golden Rainbow)
Simcountry: Mmmmmm Mmmmm Good (Golden Rainbow)
Simcountry: Cargo Shuttles (Golden Rainbow)
Simcountry: Serious economic problems, request help, open to deals... (Golden Rainbow)
Simcountry: S.O.S CENTRAL AMERICA (Kebir Blue)
Simcountry: Declaration of Jihad against the UC. (Golden Rainbow)
Simcountry: CEO's NEEDED (Golden Rainbow)
Simcountry: 0% tax countries (Golden Rainbow)
Simcountry: Rank to get an award (Kebir Blue)
Simcountry: Level 9 - Peaceful (White Giant)
Simcountry: Level 7
Simcountry: Level 8 and beyond... (Lv8 NEEDS ADDED!) (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: Level 7
Simcountry: Worlds and Game levels
Simcountry: Did anyone ever reach level 15+? (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: Did anyone ever reach level 15+? (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: What happens now (Kebir Blue)
Simcountry: Defense Level (average) (Fearless Blue)
Simcountry: Level 7 Club (Golden Rainbow)
Simcountry: Level 8 and beyond... (Lv8 NEEDS ADDED!) (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: Level awards (Fearless Blue)
Simcountry: Award Praise (White Giant)
Simcountry: How is sending relief scored? (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: Award not recieved (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: Are tardy awards backdated to stats on 1st of the month? (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: 1st semi annual king of the hill tournament ! Sign up to join. (Fearless Blue)
Simcountry: Are awards for country score done by server or across all? (White Giant)
Simcountry: Level 9 - Peaceful (White Giant)
Simcountry: Booms Day States Fed,Lookin for members (White Giant)
Simcountry: Join the International Soviet Federation now! (White Giant)
Simcountry: Join OMTFWF
Simcountry: The Anti Communist League (recruiting) (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: I need a fed (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: Clockwork Entente of GR (Golden Rainbow)
Simcountry: Alliance of the Free and Strong **new recruitment** (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: WPU recruiting (White Giant)
Simcountry: Join "The LightSide" (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: The Anti Communist League (recruiting) (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: Federations For Players to Join (White Giant)
Simcountry: Join now (Kebir Blue)
Simcountry: New Fed anyone welcome(little upsilon) (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: LDI is looking for a few good presidents. (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: Need new members on white giant for federation. (White Giant)
Simcountry: The Unique (Kebir Blue)
Simcountry: Lock and Load (White Giant)
Simcountry: Xion Guard Federation (Recruiting) (White Giant)
Simcountry: NOW RECRUITING (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: Join "The LightSide" (Little Upsilon)
Simcountry: OPINIONS OF FUN (Kebir Blue)
Simcountry: LOW TAX- Invest Today (Kebir Blue)
Simcountry: Kebir Blue Statistics - 01/06/08
Simcountry: 0% Tax for CEO's (Kebir Blue)
Simcountry: 114!!!! (Kebir Blue)
Simcountry: Socialist Paradise =) (Kebir Blue)
Simcountry: Enterprise Corporations on Sale (Berkshire Hathaway) (Kebir Blue)
Simcountry: In need of Ceo (Kebir Blue)
Simcountry: Advice on my economy (Kebir Blue)
Simcountry: WAR (Kebir Blue)
Simcountry: Plutonium (Kebir Blue)
Simcountry: Mirabel, Jadir, Vanqar (Kebir Blue)
Simcountry: Most powerful navy (Kebir Blue)
Simcountry: Darmathian Empire accepting monthly Contracts for Defensive armaments (Kebir Blue)
Simcountry: Random Thread (Kebir Blue)
Simcountry: Commonwealth of USoA-Looking for private corps. in my country taxes as of 5% (Kebir Blue)
Simcountry: Admitance into security council (Kebir Blue)
Simcountry: LLW for HTS? (Kebir Blue)
Simcountry: Launch of Globex Enterprise- Call to those Interested (Kebir Blue)
Simcountry: Military Contracts / direct trades (Kebir Blue)
Simcountry Introduction