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Financial Index Problem (White Giant)

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Sunday, January 30, 2005 - 11:38 am Click here to edit this post
Actually... With the current system in place if you spend 1 Dollar over your monthly income your looking at about 1 game year of your FI going down before it stabalizes. (About 20 to 40 FI points) That is for 1 dollar over your budget and clearing 200B every month before and after.

In a country that only makes about 50B your possibly looking at 2 game years of FI decline. The new index calculation works alittle too well in keeping the FI from going up, but seems to do very well in bringing the FI down.

And yes I have parsed it 3x, my slaves managed to lose 80 FI points each by spending 50B over what they made one month and then clearing 50B a month profit for the next 2 years before stablizing.

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