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New asset thingy (White Giant)

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Hastur (White Giant)

Saturday, January 01, 2005 - 05:51 pm Click here to edit this post
ok lets take a look:

corp market value 2802.13
cash 55.04
total 2857.17
less loans {1300.00}
assets 1557.17
shows 1549.00
difference 8.17 which falls very close to the
figure in income/cost of shares sold
ok fine - numbers line up nicely - or not......

problem is - national inventories including
armed forces, roads, ttracks, strategic, whatever,
are assets - in any accounting system i've seen -
you exchange cash for something solid - its an
asset, whether leveraged or not - this is
very wrong if inventories are not included in
asset valuation - i assume that figure may have
been partially the old facilities number not
used anymore

whats even stranger - our net assets are being
evaluated by that odd thing called market value,
which is as solid an asset as 'goodwill' valuations

hmmm - remove solid asset value and keep
the one which changes with public opinion

doesnt make any sense at all

from the peanut gallery

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