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Logging in--missing world from my account page

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Nimz ..

Thursday, November 25, 2004 - 12:58 am Click here to edit this post
There are two things I wish to address in this post--a nuissance (I'll get over it), and a bug that may or may not be related.

I have a reasonably large (according to present standards) empire on FB, and I was waging war about 12-15 hours ago, as I am wont to do. While I was warring, FB went into maintenance mode. It is incredibly annoying having to wait an hour or more before continuing with a war, when the whole war could have been finished by the time the server got back up. It's a nuissance, and like I said, I'll get over it. The problem came immediately after FB was back up.

Although I can still log into all my FB countries and my FB ceo, the list of countries and enterprises I own that is on the My Account page omits everything FB. My KB country, my WG country, and my WG enterprise are all that show up on the list. Is this because my list is too long with 16 FB entries?

Another possible cause is that I bought gcs to prevent my countries from resetting right before waging war. Otherwise, I was too close to reset to attack. However, it wasn't until FB went into maintenance mode that the bug appeared.

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