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Unable to loan money in golden? (Golden Rainbow)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Unable to loan money in golden? (Golden Rainbow)

Matt Crouch (Fearless Blue)

Thursday, November 18, 2004 - 09:24 pm Click here to edit this post
My suggestions would be far more unpopular :)

get rid of all of everyones money there.(the free worlds reset so its probalby not needed there)

Every last cent. And then change the scoring so that assets are irrelevant-drastically empahasize population welfare, maybe militaries, definitely economic efficiency (which is very distinct from pure profit).

And *then* remove 95% of the population from c3s, so that people will have to buy things from EACH OTHER and sell them to EACH OTHER.

Most players would barely make any 'profit', and many would lose money. Imperialism (in a market sense) would appear, countries would be forced into common marekts to their disadvantage by stronger players (and be able to help allies with the same), wars would erupt over market share (if wars were possible, somehow :) ), bribes and CEOs would be more important, Wars would be VASTLY more difficult to wage (since it would be almost impossible to pay for them - theyd be on more realistic scales), and it would be theroetically possible, at least, for a "new" player (SC standards for new players mean "4 months or so") to compete with those whove been around for years.

Stardusts 1.2 Quadrillion in loans and 3.6T loan income are frankly ridiculous. people with headstarts much smaller will always be ahead of people who start now: as the new players income rises from biulding a good country, the Loan-suckers income rises much faster simply from increased interest payments. In the past many of them havent even managed their countries, theyve just let the money roll in. Some work. Definitely deserves the top spot, rather than, say a player with low assets but 98% employment, a much higher profit per worker, and greater welfare....doesnt it??!! ;)

At the root of it, countries are not supposed to be profit making machines. Real world countries would rebel if their governemnts tried to do such things. Countries are not 'rated' in the real world by how rich their governments are. They shoudlnt be in a game either: it equates to making the oldest the best, without a hope for new players. Ive been saying this for real life years. Resets on the free worlds alleviate this problem immenseley and have mostly solved it. yet, it remains, and GR, of course, has no resets. Nor real wars (the only other source of "turnover" and possibility for new players to compete).

All the cash that the top-ranked players accumulate comes from nowhere (magic sources given to c3s) anyway, and yet there is no inflation.

I Just thought id bring up the issue once again since I havent done so for about a year :)

I realize that many of you (nearly everyone??) would be extremely frustrated at best if this happened. Some would quit. But I think that it is one of the fundamental problems of the game.
So, rather than flame me: dont take me seriously and just ignore this post. Its just me letting some of the evil out.
No one else takes me seriously anyway, not even me most of the time :)

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