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Game change 4/26 Contract Pricing Questions&Comments (White Giant)

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Bad Karma (White Giant)

Thursday, April 28, 2005 - 12:57 pm Click here to edit this post
If this is intented to stop over militarizing of countries; which im betting it is, its not going to happen. Being how I have one of the most militaristic empires on all the worlds I know what I'm talking about.

Economy is so easy that even with my over militarization (7M man army with 50M pop a big junk of workers) lazy as hell market pricing (all corps at -5 regardless of market so I never have to change it) I still make huge profits with every country in my empire while spending 100s of Billions a month on new military equipment in all my countries.

That brings me to my current issue. If they are trying to make war unfeasible and in general completely unattractive, people just wont spend the money on it. Then everyone is just going to make shit loads of cash. Why should I spend 500B per country when I could spend only 100B or even less and be perfectly safe. Why not convert all useless soldiers into profitable corp workers. I could easily make a 1T swing in profit/expense per month per country doing that. This seems to be the situation now (notice GCs doubled in price). I dont understand how they can bitch about people making too much, when it is because they make the most expensive and entertaining part of the game not worth your time.

A more sensible approach for players and W3 is to make war much more attractive and possible. That would be alot of that extra game cash going back into the game, countries getting leveled before they become GC producing mines, etc. As it stands now a big country with just decent defense can litterally have over 100 corps just spitting out the profits to cash in 1 or 2 GCs (current rates) per game month.

Bah, but I'm just a retarded warlord with no economic sense.

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