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Racist Country Names (White Giant)

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Saturday, April 02, 2005 - 06:53 pm Click here to edit this post
it's not accurate to characterize political correctness as censorship. where's the censor? who's stopping you from saying whatever you want? political dissent is greater than ever.

the initial goals of political correctness were fine- try to expose the hidden prejudice that lies behind certain words, and suggest value-neutral alternatives. to remove the social legitimacy that prejudice had previously enjoyed.

it wasn't about restricting free speech, but it was about moving discriminatory terminology away from the political mainstream. you can express all the racist thoughts you like, but the words you have available are just as ugly as the beliefs behind it- they aren't glamorized anymore.

obviously it's main goals were an utter failure, and it's methodolgy was discredited. political and social prejudices simply changed their language to adapt. phrases like 'illegal entrants' are still politically-neutral, and yet still frame the subjects as lesser beings and allow prejudice to continue.

simply reacting to discriminatory words themselves rather than the underlying concepts is the worst legacy of PC thinking.

also, keep in mind that other groups have seized on the methodology of political correctness for their own use. fresh frozen, virtually spotless, light-yet-filling and friendly fire? people are still lying to us.

then there's the uncomfortable fact that every human being is latently racist and sexist.

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