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What is Simcountry?

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Thursday, March 03, 2005 - 09:32 pm Click here to edit this post
First of all dear Cajeme Leyba, I am worried that you cannot understand me, I know that even if being tired after a long heavy work, daily, I can still write something in english, even when this is not my native language ...
Secondly, I want you to know that we make an intended mistake when calling NUKES "mass destruction" weapons, in reality these are "total extinction" weapons ... when these are used on the "battlefield" means a user wants to remove the war results from defeating the enemy side to its total extinction(!) You will then ask me why this expression (total extinction) it is not oftenly used in books or papers and I will say: because the dream of erasing your obstacles with one drop (bomb) on the map tables can oftenly erase your minds, it gets/drives you out of your minds knowing the "real total extinction" solution, without (actually) being prepared to live - meaning to live for yourself and for the others too - to read the truth of lives of many people around you ... where obviously you (we) can meet enemies, sometimes deadly - but to die is one thing, to extinct is another. So, we prefere a more silent discussion about NUKES calling them just "weapons of mass destruction". And world does it too with the same propagandistic force that could turn you for "using nukes" in case when these are called total extinction weapons instead of mass destruction weapons.
To be known as the most unwished and barbaric weapons, these are, however, very cheap, so that you or many others can make a nuke for himself and wear it under his chair ... "to be known as the most present and active danger" (you need no enemy to find out the danger when a mad or not informed player wants to play with one of these "just for fun") ... so, to be known better what they are, these weapons are very cheap right now, so that everyone in our small world is enforced to stay against the use of these weapons and to watch for this purpose. Well, unfortunately, there are some (not quite hidden) who will not care too much about this propagandistic public policy and will use these kind of weapons NUKES or other types of total extinction weapons (they also did it before) ... but at this point in our discussion we must care about what world prefere to say about these weapons ... not about what some mads keep trying from like a century of glorious extinctions.
So, real world policy for nukes: cheap prices, carefully discussions in public ("total extinction" replaced by "mass destruction")

Now dear Cajeme Leyba, what makes you think that in a game where players do not care to much about their countries like real world does (or pretends that is doing!!!), we cannot find two factions killing each other for the sake of "total extinction" till remains just one faction, what makes you think that the winner faction will not go further for the total extinction of the smaller players around (newbies etc) ??

It is important CL to answer here because I want to help you understand how to build a strategy ...

P.S. I think that "no president" is Doublestar and I am afraid when a guy, who shows up with a site like he made, cannot understand the small things I am talking about here ...
Thanks gwen, always yours "Best friend in the city!"

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