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What is Simcountry?

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Wednesday, March 02, 2005 - 10:12 pm Click here to edit this post
Dear Cajeme Leyba, I believe that in a war simulation like simcountry "every player can have a nuke under his chair" ... just for fun.

The fun needed to make our game more atractive (for, why shouldn't I recognise, people more intelligent than the average) ...
And starting just from fun, if we try to make the game more interesting later, after we are involved in the game, we can perhaps see that some players want a more funny nuke or may be other players want a more advantageous nuke ... depending on needs like: a need of more intelligent interactions with a lot of humour too or may be another need of superior domination tools when the players got already rich in game's gold awards.

You my dear Cajeme Leyba belong to the second Live Group from our simulative game. The following could be an explanation, so: your options as a good player - but till now you weren't or did not tried to be more than a (good) player, for example to be a (good) personality or a person playing more characters (good or evil), opening his own theater "just for fun" - your options are simply oriented to discover and reveal to us more of a, bothly, good and evil character, which was discovered now in yourself as a "good player" (finally!) and you seem to succeed in showing and involving your new character into our common theater as much as you can find us funny, intelligent and available for interaction. So, your options are oriented by our interactions as much as you can discover them and get involved and used with them. If it happens for a good player to seek a more destructive and advantageous nuke it means that he did not discovered us yet or that he does not finds us funny persons to talk and play, I mean the mates who are playing the same game ... if it doesn't mean that he is only a mad. In our discussions you can find - I hope - that you don't necessarilly need more advantageous nukes to be able to play then a player character, good or evil, or to be just a great personality here.

I want to say that perhaps after you got the best awards in the game you are now trying to hold them and prove to us that you are still a good player - as long as you cannot try something else like a good personality or a good or evil character - and that is the reason you are talking here about NUKES POLL ...

Fortunately, there is another reason for which I would like this discussion to go on, the real world nukes ... and I hope that you Cajeme Leyba and the others want to help.

If I could be the admin of this game I would consider the nuke subject as starting "just from fun" and the followers should consider first the "funny nukes" as a poll to discuss about. The strategy management must take these in consideration too. See you tomorrow CL

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