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Cajeme Leyba (Fearless Blue)

Tuesday, March 01, 2005 - 11:35 am Click here to edit this post
I think it would need to be implemnted carefuly, but if done right I think it wouldn't cause the huge imbalance you describe.

One key thing would be finding dudes who are developing nukes but don't have em yet, if that were reasonably doable, it would be possible to take em out before they get nukes. That would make the politics much more interesting, in my opinion.

Also the global effects I proposed would make their use even more questionable -- it would hurt your own pop growth to use em against someone, particularly a neighbor. Cold wars would be so cool with better simulated nukes.

Also I think there should be some type of nuke defense possible, otherwise you're right it would be too unbalanced -- players with more nukes would just take out anyone at will who didn't themselves have nukes.

And of course the entry cost should be very high and should take awhile. Just to get em in the first place should cost a lot of money, and take many years, or some other high entry cost should exist. This would prevent the low-ranked dudes from getting em all over the place. The decision to get nukes would actually be more tricky in this case -- would you risk spending all that money considering it would flag you for attack and might be wasted, and might not work given possible defenses.

I'm not proposing the introduction of an un-checked superweapon. I'm just bored of the very small weapons variety we have now, and want more interesting wars and politics.

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