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Tuesday, March 01, 2005 - 10:02 am Click here to edit this post
i *really* don't agree with this. introduction of 'realistic' nuclear systems would make war unplayable. in fact, there's probably no way to properly accomodate nuclear weapons in SC.

the simple fact is that we'd have to kill each and every person who tried to acquire nukes and who couldn't defend themselves. the reasoning is simple- if you have nukes, you won't need any other military whatsoever. at the same cost as they are now, anyone can get them. therefore, they'd have to be killed when they couldn't defend themselves.

the most powerful player in the game won't be the person with the top war ranks or the chairman of the biggest fed. it'll be the war ranked 900+ guy who has nukes and doesn't give a damn about using them. because war with realistic nukes is *always* a lose-lose situation, it's the guy with the crappest country who has the most to gain, and therefore the most likely to use them.

this might seem like a good thing, but consider this- introduce nukes like that and you'll *NEVER* see a big military in SC again. you'll never see a high-population, high-asset, carefully nurtured one in SC again. all that'll be left is crap countries firing nukes at each other, and the best countries will ALL be wasted by war. it won't matter if they win or lose- they'll be wasted.

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