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Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?

Custom Leader Title (Kebir Blue)

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Deez' Knutts (Fearless Blue)

Sunday, February 27, 2005 - 12:38 pm Click here to edit this post
wtf.................can anyone make any sense of what this freakin cat-in-the-hat over here just siad

cat-in-the-hat>>"But here, in this game, we are already elected and what's left!? We just try all times to understand each other better"

I dont try to understand any of the freaks here....who can understand what makes an Attica or Xavier tick?

cat-in-the-hat>>"So our title of President perhaps it is not how we would like to be called 'at home'. But it is how we would like to make the first step in a very new and perhaps schoking business. Is just a way the game helps us, make us talk - those who try - not about our titles, but about what stands behind."

agh.....1) At home I'm still called President DeezKnutts.
2)This is true we are involved in "schoking" business (lol)
3)The only thing that stands behind my president title is my name..........


cat-in-the-hat>>" P.S. now for you "g d" ... I would like you to know that these titles may sound cool, but were not said / Waved for how it sound as were Told for how simply saying "emperor" or "czar" makes you live and feel after and perhaps how can these music or sound can make or help you Think. Strange subject for my P.S. ... what is "g d", I mean your player id hmmm g d !!??"

dude do you have ADDH?

as for a response to the first post. Yes I think that custom leader names is a good idea give each of us an added degree of self control over the game.

however how custom can we be allowed to go.
1) In the ex-belgiun congo region the leader of a tribe was know as the "eet".
2) In New Zealand he was called a "blo".
3) In cossack tribes of old they had a (skriew).

that being siad my new potential title could be:

1) EET Deez' Knutts
2) BLO Deez' Knutts
3) Skriew Deez' Knutts

somehow I dont think that I can retain the respect of my people with such titles. never mind the embarrassment of having to walk into a room after I have been announced.

*disclaimer* this research has a human error rating of +/- anywher from 0-100%.


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