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What is Simcountry?

MY proposal to make Simcountry better (Kebir Blue)

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Corporate Despot (Fearless Blue)

Sunday, July 18, 2004 - 04:37 pm Click here to edit this post
the welfare index also corresponds to the morale of a country.

one thing i'd like to suggest is the option of limited war. this could be where after the war index has been reduced below a certain point, perhaps 10-15, the attacker may offer 'Conditional Surrender'.

it could be assumed that c3's always accept conditional surrender if it is offered, but players would have to accept it in the same way they accept a peace treaty.

acceptance of conditional surrender would mean that the country automatically joins the Common Market of the attacking player. the country would have limited control over the common market activities though. all goods would be offered at -20% market price automatically on the Common Market.

the surrendered player/c3 is free to sell in any way the goods not sold in contracts on the Common market, but can not sign any local contracts. acceptance of supply countracts to the surrendered country would be done in the normal way.

as well as a Conditional Surrender the attacker could also demand the offer of a 'Military Lease' to allow the attacker to build military bases in the surrendered country. the soldiers/officers for the base/weapons would be recruited from the attacker country. the attacker would pay all costs, and it would show up on the Financial Index. one of each type of military base/airport would be allowed.

for the purpose of unrest, maybe 2-3 countries which are forced to give Military Leases will count as 1 occupied country. during war, the bases would count as the territory of the country which owns them, but war damage would be done to the country which has given out the Military Lease.

War range would then be calculated from the country which the bases are in. a country could use 'Military Leases' to attack a country outside his normal ground/air range. all attacks would be done as normal.

Military Leases could maybe be done between fed members, but the lease would be given for a limited amount of time and have to be renewed. also, it should be very expensive, each weapon based in a friendly country costing x2 or x3 in maintenance costs.

i've made similar suggestions before here:

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