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Reform voting system (Golden Rainbow)

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Clear Hat Of Wonders (Fearless Blue)

Thursday, February 24, 2005 - 08:57 pm Click here to edit this post
Unfortunately the game staff is not taking seriously what the players propose in the "Vote for New Idea section",
... but is interesting that after years from the launch of the game, the staff accepted that a competition between players through the voting poll system is a good innovation (taking the game to a new level of intelligence: Convergence).

Fortunately, dear Anton, we don't need different values for each players votes - as you said: values based on player's reputation,
... but we surely need a different type of forum that I can describe here:
RULE 1 - pages will contain two columns, left and right, the player who opens a discussion about an "interesting" (or not) idea will be placed on the left column.
RULE 2 - the first who reply "for" the idea proposed there will post on the left column, the first who reply "for" the idea, but is changing the subject or even improves the idea with another one or is just "against"(!), will post on the right column. We have two sides now: For the idea and Away or Against the idea (or other important topic subject).
RULE 3 - the left column is expecting between 6 and 16 replies supposed to improve the idea (following the best rules for Intelligent conversation) ... the right column may have any number of replies (70, 100 or more). We have now two sides improved: the easy readable side posted for the idea and the long lasting pub conversation around the idea (away or against it).
RULE 4 - we need an editor tool to help players to manage their own discussion from the left column or a better moderator than we have now able to help players to input their own replies in the best place for them ... right or left.
May be is hard to understand what I mean with "the need to compare discussions" and promote ideas on the bases of a wide perspective over the subject, may be is hard to understand why I said that left column must have between 6 and 16 replies (it would be a long discussion if I will try to explain my intentions and I am not sure if it is needed yet), may be is hard to understand that not the reputation of players who votes matters as much as the experience earned "now" by players through open discussions on easy readable subjects, may be is hard to have a small staff like our game admin says that it has
may be is hard to understand that not the votes are making the players competition more interesting, but the hot discussions burning on it, ... well actually admin is right now doing whatever he can (I hope), but atleast he could open a new section in the current forum called: Voting on New Ideas!!

(Best friend in the city!)

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