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MY proposal to make Simcountry better (Kebir Blue)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  MY proposal to make Simcountry better (Kebir Blue)

Allch Chcar (Fearless Blue)

Sunday, July 18, 2004 - 08:16 am Click here to edit this post
I really like your suggestions but there are some questions/issues I have;

The War idea; (I didn't understand the first sentence completely could you rephrase it?) The region(I'll call them states in this post because we already have regions :) ) idea is a great idea but how would that work? Would taking a state affect the war index/moral of the country any more than the loss of the various cities and counties in the state? Would a capture target button be needed for this? (THOUGHT:It would be cool if it was possible to take all of the territory around a capital and "siege" the capital for months until it fell and it ended up saving some weapons.)

The States idea(after the war); Would the states be permanent or just during a war, meaning that after I take part of a country and end the war would it turn into a whole other country in one piece, or stay in several "state" sized pieces until the rest of the country was conquered
or the country reconquered it, or what?

The Military ideas; Thank you for reminding us, lol. I like the realism of "recruiting" for the army. They could make it a requirement for all newly bought weapons to have a recruiting session that takes a month or two and if you already had a recruiting sessions before your weapons arrive and you recruited enough troops to fully staff the weapons that you bought then they can be put to use faster without a delay. The delay would have to be added in though.
The game could probably use the option to have regular soldiers. But I'll save that for another suggestion :)
The idea of the army jamming railroad lines and roads is very realistic but how bad would it affect the economy is the question. And why can't they just use transport planes instead. They could just set the deployment thing to work like the budget only every month. So we can just set what things we want changed and we get to change them until they are implemented the next month.

The dividing the army into different units has be brought up before. There was no response from W3C that I remember

For the sending the army to do something until they accomplish it. Was this thought up with the deployment in mind where the opposing army automatically regoups and redeploys after ever attack? So you're thinking you might as well have a button that does it several times for you. You would have to relearn how many weapons to send on a "mission" and that would be time consuming.

I really like the supply idea with trucks and supply trains. Every war before depended on maintaining things like supplies why not here now. It is strange how the weapons never get cut off from their ammo supply, unless the weapons are the ones firing from base or launching from the airport.

The foreign aid idea would be really good especially if it deals with war wounded and money. But reasonable limits should be set ex. a 8-10mil pop country that was war ravaged might get all the aid it could ever use in several months time(not all at once) but much larger and it will still take alot of time and money from the countries involved.

Good idea on the feds.

The Losing/Winning a War idea; Good idea, Moral for Military/Pop but we still need a war index sort of thing so just add moral index. The moral should be tied in with the war index and welfare index. A low welfare index of <60 or whatever is low should start lowering moral slowly every month with small rebellions and talk of rebellion that should happens off and on until the welfare index is raised to a reasonable level or the rebellion destroys the gov. Riots from bad health, bad trans, too low fin index, etc should also affect moral. I don't think having a large army in peaceful times should affect moral too much unless the country has a low fin index and a really large off-def ratio and/or a really high military spending per person.

I agree surrender shouldn't be an option until the country's moral and war index drops below a certain level. And terms for surrender would be useful especially if I ever got into a fight with a player and he was losing badly so he offered a peace offering kind of thing. But what are the odds I'll get into a war with a player? There are no odds of that right now at least until navies come available on the free worlds.

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