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What is Simcountry?

MY proposal to make Simcountry better (Kebir Blue)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  MY proposal to make Simcountry better (Kebir Blue)

George Dimitrov (Kebir Blue)

Saturday, July 17, 2004 - 09:42 pm Click here to edit this post
Dear fellow players of Simcountry.

I have played your game for sometime now on and off and I would like to make some suggestions and they would be: War, Military, financial, and police/fire department and world.

War-For war I find it that if you fight a war you cannot loose and keep your country a negative. Yes if you win a war you should get something and I think that it would be better if each country is divided in regions which have a Capitol which would be a major city or town. So if you defeat the enemy forces in that region it becomes yours but it would not show on the map immediately but will only show after map is redrawn which would be classified as adjustment period during which that region is not yet your territory. This way you can in a war take maybe a portion of a country and still let the country go on and maybe have revenge later on.

Military-Currently there is no organization for the army besides The Defense Strategic and offensive forces and inside them the reserves. And also you don’t have control over your troops only over The Equipment. MY proposal is to be able to raise troops which you could put in to different units/armies so they are stationed as one. This has the benefit of maybe having someone with 10X your soldiers but has very few tanks, jeeps, artillery etc… then you will have problems fighting you no matter their size. Also while redeploying forces it should take more time depending on the size of the force. Say you want to deploy 100k soldiers from the east side of your country to the southwest it would take you 1 week if you have a lot of roads and rails. But it would also make it so that if you need 10k Miles of road and 5k Rail line and you have just enaph when moving your forces it would be traffic jams which would slow your transport further and slow down your economy. Also you should be able to send an army in a country and they fight until a certain goal is achieved or certain conditions are met. For example.
I send an army in to attack my neighbor and it stays there until it has destroyed the enemy forces or they have retreated at which point it occupies the territory or otherwise if the army looses a certain % of their Strength. Also people should worry about supplying their forces which should add new units like trucks and supply trains. Should be done to make people think about building their forces around a central supply system that would be able to supply them in the field. An undersupplied army will not be as effective as a supplied army and like in RL if an army surrenders at which point they become your prisoners which you could use in your industry to free up more people for the war. To make it less confusing a person should not buy individual things but only one category named Supplies. The idea would be that people would win only if they are prepared or they are less unprepared then their enemy. Also a person should not be able to bypass an enemy army unless he has defeated that army or there is an opening otherwise if there is an army on your border you shouldn’t be able to attack on the opposite part of the country because it is extremely unrealistic that I have unlimited access to all of my neighbors territory to attack him even if he has his entire army on the border with me. Also a country should be able to send a certain amount of foreign aid in cash or equipment yearly and receive only a certain amount. Maybe 500,000,000 To be send and only 500,000,000 to be received to prevent people with multiple accounts to send themselves aid. Also a player should be able to send forces to Federation members to help them out in war but again you should be able to send only a certain amount to anyone country and also receive a certain amount.

Loosing/Winning a war- War Situation Index should be changed to be Moral of the Military/Population. So The Moral should be effected by every defeat/victory but more in depth by the industry and economy so that even if you are not in war your moral could be low meaning unrest in your country. And once your morale reaches a low point of say 30% then there would be major rebellion which would destroy infrastructure kill people in general cause lots of damage at which point you would be vulnerable to rebellion which would overthrow you as president or if someone declare war you will be in a fragile state easily defeated. Moral in Peacetime would be effected by large Armies, Insufficient healthcare, education social security. Also if you are at war and your Countries morale falls below a certain level you will be allowed to surrender and give in to certain terms that the winning country will define like payments in Cash Military equipment people or territory or a combination of the above. To completely defeat an enemy is to destroy his moral to such a point that the enemy countries Armed Forces Disintegrate at which point it will completely fall under your control. Its moral will grow to a level low enaph to threaten your control and keep it as a colony after its morale climbs to a level high enaph for it to join your country.

This Ideas are meant to help make Simcountry better in the sense of adding some things to war that would make it more interesting and somewhat easier to understand and execute during war but harder to prepare before hand and would make the person that is best prepared win over the one who is unprepared.

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