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Population decrease fiasco (Golden Rainbow)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Population decrease fiasco (Golden Rainbow)

Bad Karma (White Giant)

Saturday, February 19, 2005 - 09:30 am Click here to edit this post
Actually James, its is what you said that is the 2nd half of why I see my proposal as decent all around for everyone. With pop growth based off score people are indeed making their countries *crappy* so they keep growing, thus avoiding the point of the pop decreases. Hell many people are doing that, including myself.

Sooner rather than later though W3 is going to have to institute something more drastic to level the pop playing field because of this. I would rather have an understandable, and uniform system in place now to ease countries to what W3 sees as a maximum without destroying those countries.

Despite their best efforts, the staff have on occasion turned to EXTREMELY unpopular game changes (Attack Limits for Example) to level the playing field when players find ways around what they have already done. I could almost see waking up one day, logging in and seeing a 120M pop country brought down to 60M Pop in one game month.

Because of ^^that^^ I think its best that those with huge countries come up with a consensus on a way to do it (that actually works) and yet wont destroy a country. The game staff has been extremely receptive as of late on how to fix problems in the game. If the players could give them a viable and effective way of fixing the pop problem I dont see why W3 would not implement it.

Hence my idea, which may or may not be the best solution in everyone's opinion. Its something I have actually been thinking about for awhile now and have mentioned briefly before. Its the only thing I can think of that works and that gives everyone what they want. Not too quick, but quick enough. Wont leave countries vulnerable or unstable. Players cant dodge it.

If you dont want to scroll down here it is....

Pops Freeze at 60M with birthes/deathes. And a pop reduction on any country over 65M The reason for the 5M pop difference would be for worker exchanges and such. Once you hit your 60M limit you could then work with what you have.

For countries over 65M you can have pop reductions similiar to pop transfers. This would take an even amount from all age groups and all worker groups. This could be done at a rate of 200K people per month (about what large countries are losing now).

Doing it this way would leave your pop proportional and avoid what the current system will cause. Countries where half (or more) of their pop is retired and the collapse of said country. If half your pop is retired you cant have the corp numbers, and indexes needed to be competitive. You couldnt even think of having anything remotely close to a military that could even defend you from your higher attack limits either.

I'm all for evening out the playing field. No doubt countries should be capped somewhere. 60M seems to be the most agreeable number. But using a system that will destroy countries that have been pay to played literally for years to cause that equally is exremely unfair to those players.

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