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You're fired (White Giant)

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Nimz ..

Thursday, January 20, 2005 - 11:32 pm Click here to edit this post
Xavier, I could just ditto what Matt Crouch said--rtfm. If you want to just get to the point, read the section in blue. That part is my reaction to your first post.

Just because your corporations have higher market value, that doesn't make them any better than President Larsson's corporations. Corporations that produce more money for the country (or enterprise if you are of that nefarious persuasion) are much more beneficial than corporations with high market value that don't produce as much money for the country/enterprise. Your corps will bring you much more advantage (despite lower MVs) when you tax them. Of course, you have to have profitable corps, too. I had a country full of debt-free corps (before presidents could xfer cash to their corps) with 70-80% taxes. In one reset period I made over 20T $E for my country while building enough military to take over a few countries. A pain in the arse for a WG country, more so then than now.

You and Mr. Larsson have different strategies. Your economy seems to be based around only building a new corporation when you have the workers to do so. Mr. Larsson seems to be much more aggressive with building new corporations. I won't say either strategy is right or wrong--just that Mr. Larsson's will probably outpace you, given his knowledge of how the game works.

It is interesting to note that your countries are comparable in many respects. You have 2.75M more people. The number of corporations in each of your countries is comparable (you already stated that). His score is a few points higher than yours. Both of you have education, social security, transportation, and health indices above 100. Both of you have above 95% employment, and both of you get a comparable score boost from common market involvement. But despite your corps having twice the market value, his have twice the GDP of yours. This is not a miscalculation. GDP is the total money-making capacity of the corps before any deductions are taken into account. Market value is heavily influenced by the tax rate, and yours is much lower than his.

Now that I've hit on most of the points that demonstrate how much of an ignoramus you are regarding how this game works, I admit that I did see a drop in looking at your employment graphs. All worker groups (except purely governmental workers) got a hit in the number of employed workers and a jump in the number of unemployed workers when the month changed from Dec 2237 to Jan 2238. Interestingly, this drop coincides with the closure of a corporation. A similar drop in unemployment happened to coincide with the building of a new corporation. Imagine that.

I looked at every one of your corporations to see if any of your corporations had reduced hiring within the last 18 game months, and if they did, I might be able to provide an explanation. Since October 2237, only one corp had less than 100% employment, and only for two months (with a month of 100% employment in between). October 2238 you had too few llw afaict, probably due to building a new corp in August and an increase in the size of your military in September. I don't know if you did any worker exchanges, but that could have had an effect as well. The llw became available within a month, but then all your corporations lost an upgrade at once in December. There were not enough llw for that month, so again, that corporation was hit. The automation got your upgrades back within a month, so it cleared up again and you have had 100% hiring in all your corps since then.

The corporations hit with decreased employment first are those with lowest salaries. Since all your corps (except one with a higher salary) appear to have salary level of 175, I suspect that Dallas Steel got hit because it was the lowest corporation on your list of corporations, as sorted by name. Btw, since there are no graphs for employment %, I looked at the graph for number of employees. The fact that all your corps (except the new one) were fully upgraded made it much easier to analyse what was happening.

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