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Department of Dirt tricks(Spy units) (Fearless Blue)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Department of Dirt tricks(Spy units) (Fearless Blue)

Chris T (Fearless Blue)

Monday, January 17, 2005 - 03:45 am Click here to edit this post
I posted a poll regarding this and figured id flesh out my ideas here with invitations to add or condemn themn as you guys/girls see fit.

We need some spys to do dirty work we dont want to get caught at and to help prosecute a successful war.

I suggest a spy unit be created.
This unit would NOT be a manufactued unit to be made and sold,but rather it would be an Officer in the armed forces.
Allow presidents to over recruit officers for the army.Each extra officer you recruit would become a spy.A forth section of the military budget would be 'Black opps'allowing you to fund your spy force.

Spy opperations rather than being a numbers battle like all other combat would be calculated via a formula such as;

Intruding countries total spy force adjusted by black opps budget Vs Target countries spy force adjusted by black opps budget ariving at some percentage representing the base chance of an opperation succeding as well as a base chance of it being discovered or going undetected.
This base chance could then be adjusted according to the difficulty/damage/usefulness of the opperation being attempted.A failed attempt would result in spy losses as well as discovery.

Possible opperations;

Information gathering opperations-
Gather Finance index
Gather Budget info
Gather Offensive military numbers
Gather Defensive military numbers
Gather Strategic military numbers
Gather Spy force military numbers
Gather corperation intelligence
Gather federation details
Gather common market details

Sabotage opperations-
Sabotage transport
Sabotage water treatment
Sabotage offensive military(I would suggest not permitting spys to directly attack defensive units as this should be the work of an army)
Sabotage corperation Upgrades
Sabotage in general should not be devestating,but an annoyance that will wear down a presidents patience until they are forced to retailiate.

Theft opperations-
Steal money
Steal materials
Steal upgrades

Assasinations(wet works)-
Assasins could be sent to target ministers.maybe particular ministers cant be specificaly chosen and ministers must be targeted randomly.
This would cause say a 5%(just a figure off my head,debate it.)decrease in the effectivness of the department affected for 3 game months.Assasinations would be the most difficult opperation with the highest chance of failure and spy losses if caught.

Health minister
Education minister
Transport minister
Treasurer(Budget costs 5% more for the affected time)
War minister(lowered defence by 5% this being the only way to affect defence with your spys.)
assasinations limited to one per game month.


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