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Score and FI (Kebir Blue)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Score and FI (Kebir Blue)

Anatoly Chubays (Kebir Blue)

Saturday, January 15, 2005 - 12:54 pm Click here to edit this post
What I suggest, is to make score-FI (financial index) dependance non-linear, in cases when FI is high enough. For exaomple difference between 100 and 200 value of FI (mean its influence on score) should be greater than difference between 200 and 300 FI values. This way some astronomic values as 1000 will not force score to jump to sky and beyond. The dependance should be maybe quadratic or smth similar.

Look, if you have 500B profit and 50B spending, you'll get more points from FI, instead if you spend some more money into education/health to getting this points. Now it is not so importaint to get additional 50B profit, it is far more importaint not to get 50B more spending.

Futhermore, I believe this also can stimulate people to buy more weapons, cause they will not fear to hurt FI and consequently score.

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