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Suggestions in geography (White Giant)

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Dan Cho (Kebir Blue)

Tuesday, December 07, 2004 - 07:45 am Click here to edit this post
Math is great, but I am still bad at it, sorry :-)

So go to politeconomy:
Ideas #6 and #7 are brilliant! They add a great deal of realism. And they will lead to a few whole new dimensions to the game:
- Regional development (#6) - a stable economy will be impossible to build up without neighbours, who can supply all you need at normal prices. Some regions will get this little competitive advantage. The best players will try to have their countries in these particular regions. This will lead to islands of great economic development and competition - hot spots. Other areas will be left for newer countries and they will have to build not only their new economy, but also cooperate with their neighbours to guarantee markets for their own goods.
- Real Conflicts (#6) - Wars will be more heated up between countries in more developed regions. Rich neighbours mean greater incentive to attack (more to steal at a small distance), but also harder battles (thy neighbour is as good as you). A dream! (I am a peaceful country and like watching)
- Trade Unions Make Sense (#7) - Right now trading unions do only two things: (1) add points for the rankings, which has no meaning gameplaywise and (2) guarantee supplies and markets for goods, which is stuff that does help, but wastes a lot of time for fine-tuning. #7 would make contact with the outer world and especially your neighbours (with #6) much more enjoyable and useful. Diplomacy then would make sense in securing supply of scarce resources. Well, a war to conquer the supplier also becomes more favourable. Hence more action.
- Different structures of economies (#7) - now all that matters in choosing your future production is profitability. But having scarce resources forces you to seek profits mainly in mining industries. Having no resources forces you to develop a service-based economy. Together with #6, you also have to look for neighbours with particular production preferences to make a long-term trade alliance with. Further, if a region is short on, say, agriculture, it makes sense to try to fill the niche and even try to create a monopoly on that market (by producing excess amounts, dump the goods, bring down the price, force the others out of business, live like uncle Bill (Gates)).

Hope to see these ideas implemented very soon!!

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