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Creation of a new world

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lions foot

Sunday, February 15, 2004 - 11:37 pm Click here to edit this post
for now it is just a thought.

with resets on free worlds and war almost impossible to fight on GR many vets already left this game and many will as they will eventually found out that every plan to heat this place up is always met with new restrictions preventing it from happening again. it is good policy as it prevents total caos that might errupt, but... is bad for many players as they cant enjoy the game they used to and for W3C as they are constantly losing most experienced of them.

it might be wise to set up a new world very similar to GR. infact it can be exactly as GR with only a few modifications that require little or no scripting, only a different number in a table and could be run with same engine as GR is.

it isnt even necessary to create new one. Kerbir Blue and White Giant seem very similar worlds. One of them could be converted. in this case Kebir Blue would remain training ground for peacefull GR (current GR) and Fearless Blue for newly created more war oriented GR. monthly fees and rewards would be same as in current GR.

-no multiplaying
-no attack limits
-higher number of slaves before rebels kick in (10-15)
-no market interventions from W3C
-defensive and offensive units closer in price and manpower
-higher transfer limits for population and goods

it would also shift the number of players in favor of payable worlds.

feel free to add whatever you might think would make that world even more attractive or just what you think about it, just keep it as simple as possible. you never know, W3C might even grant us this wish...

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