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How About A REAL Loan System Like This? (White Giant)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  How About A REAL Loan System Like This? (White Giant)

Imprudent Spender (Fearless Blue)

Wednesday, November 24, 2004 - 04:34 pm Click here to edit this post
Clearly a more dynamic loan system would be good.

Clearly there's a problem with abuse and multi-registrations.

So do this: don't allow direct loans.

I.e. don't allow players to specify to whom they're making a loan.

Instead, all "offered loans" go onto the open market list so any player or corp can grab them.

Further, all "requested loans" likewise go on an open market list, where any player can service them (or the World Bank can, if the request is flagged to include the WB.)

Further, there's a way to both reduce the opportunity of abuse and *also* reduce processing time.

Rather than periodically "parsing" for available loans (I don't know if this is the case now or not), those loan requests which were generated automatically (which also appear in the open market of requests) can be kept track of and, when a new offer is put in the open loan market, they can grab them. (I.e. automated requests don't just check existing offerings before posting themselves on the request list, but when a new loan is put on the offered list the still-outstanding requests can check that new loan too.)

This means that if a player posts a dummy loan with absurd conditions in order to have another of his countries/corps grab it, between the time he's posted it and the time he tries to grab it, it'll already have been grabbed by someone else.

The only way to set up the "cheat" you describe (get a low interest loan and offer a high one) would be to (a) make a public request for the absurdly low-interest loan, (b) have the 'dummy' company give that loan, (c) make a public offering of a high interest loan, (d) have the 'dummy' company accept that loan.

All of which would create a "paper trail" to track down such cheaters. (Indeed, the code could send up a 'red flag' when too-far-out-of-range rates are posted, and if a player gets involved in too many 'flagged' transactions, their name pops up for investigation...)

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