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How About A REAL Loan System Like This? (White Giant)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  How About A REAL Loan System Like This? (White Giant)

Matt Crouch (Fearless Blue)

Wednesday, November 24, 2004 - 03:39 am Click here to edit this post

In light of my continuing evolution into an meanie, ill say that is seems to make as much sense as the rest of your suggestions, which to me sound like a bunch of hogwash which , at best is trivial and time consuming for anyoen trying to find decent suggestions and distracts everyones time and attention from much more important, fundamental things. My apologies for my opinion :(

some comments. lack the ability for value in dynamic angles.

What the sam hell does that mean? What the heck does a "dynamic angle" have to do with a loan market??! May as well say "Purple rhinosceourse gibblle narg!"

Since ive no idea what you actually meant by that(and am not quite in a sufficiently evil mood to invent something :) ), ill just restate that with a limited money supply/credit the SimEconomy would completely collapse. Whether you think this is a good thing or a bad thing is up to you.

Even ignoring that, imagine what inflation would do for starting players. C3s would have essentially no buying power due to the continual rise in assets of the top players. And having inflation with a single currency is problematic, but not nearly as problematic as having many currencies ;)

multi-players abusing such a direct loan system is not actually a problem.
It's pretty simple to only allow players to offer percentages at a low rate that's able to pay off the loan in the given number of months requested, and to only be able to offer a loan up to the amount of worth they are in assets.

this is irrelevant.

If the loan system were player defined and i wished to abuse it, I could simply create 19 accounts and have them offer low interest loans up to their asset value to my 20th account. the 20th account could then loan out all the extra money at high interest rates to the newly cash-poor other accounts (or even to normal players). Massive amounts of money would be made in both ways. When people did this in the 10s of trillions , it would add up fast ;)

If the offering (and acceptance!) loan percentages were limited by assets, time, and market conditions automatically this would be somewhat alleviated....but then were not talking about a player-defeined system or a real "market" anymore ;)

regardless there is no fundamental way of stopping people from using fake countries to build up real ones with any such loan system. Again, this has already happpened (about 2.5 real years ago).

There is no escaping or really abusing the loan system under this set-up because you can't place a loan for 2T $E to paid back at .01% in 12 months if your assets worth is not high enough to pay that (which I doubt anyones is.)

There are players with over a quadrillion in assets. Probably closer to 2 than 1 by now, I havent checked lately.
They would be able to abuse this system more than anyone, if they wanted.

Improving the loan system without crashing the system entirely can be done simply by limiting the people (by people I mean "sim-population") living in computer controlled countries, and making player countries which accumulate large debts simply default and evict their president (they used to do this in fact; the feature was only removed because award penalties giving out massive debts (hundreds of trillions) were introduced). Cash loaned out to defaulters would vanish. The cash supply would behave in a more limited fashion. Likewise player interest rates could be determined automatically by a quasi-market system: the more cash in the planet (and some would actually disappear if countries/corporations/etc defaulted rather than paid back every single loan magically), the lower the offered interest rate. A rich player economy would mean cheap loans for everyone, recessions (if they ever occurred, which they shoudlnt) would mean high-interest rate loans for all.

The economy wouldnt collapse since everything could still be build and production shifted when necessary-c3s could always have the credit they needed to build more factories regardless of their debt-but it would be more difficult to make massive amounts of money from Great Big Piles of Cash(tm), and new players would have an easier time paying off their debts (its pretty easy already...)

again, apolgies for my nature.

go ahead and come discuss this on TNN!

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