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How About A REAL Loan System Like This? (White Giant)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  How About A REAL Loan System Like This? (White Giant)

Roger Lee (White Giant)

Wednesday, November 24, 2004 - 12:02 am Click here to edit this post
I'm in a hurry to work...I'll respond more indepth later, but for now I'll hit on the multi-user account abuse of loan systems.

First, there needs to be a limited amount of money existing in the game because fictitious black whole systems of everlasting money creates no inflation or deflation...when you have that, you lack the ability for value in dynamic angles.

Second, multi-players abusing such a direct loan system is not actually a problem.
It's pretty simple to only allow players to offer percentages at a low rate that's able to pay off the loan in the given number of months requested, and to only be able to offer a loan up to the amount of worth they are in assets.

We have asset worth. We should use it for what it's worth.

And if they create a company to give a loan and then cancel or quit that company so they don't have to pay the loan back, that's easy to regulate as well.
When the company quits, the loan is cancelled, OR even better and more realistic. The loan is transferred over to the care of the World Bank for completion.

There is no escaping or really abusing the loan system under this set-up because you can't place a loan for 2T $E to paid back at .01% in 12 months if your assets worth is not high enough to pay that (which I doubt anyones is.)

What the direct system allows is for a player to offer UP TO the requesting parties asset in cash.
It's up the provider to offer less or equal and for how long and at what %, no lower than = to payment completion in # of months.

Does that make sense?

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