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How About A REAL Loan System Like This? (White Giant)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  How About A REAL Loan System Like This? (White Giant)

Roger Lee (White Giant)

Monday, November 22, 2004 - 11:00 pm Click here to edit this post


I think you do need something like a "World Bank", if only to prevent loan requests from going unanswered for too long.

Oh, I didn't mean to suggest that the World Bank cease to exist. It has to be there as a bottom line competition, at the very least, and also is needed because it acts as a natural currency inflator, much like government production of money.


As always, can it be done without significant demand on server processor time.

I garantee that this concept would lower the server processor time.

I also garantee that this would work beautifully in the system.

How can I garantee these things?

The core theories that I used to structure the idea are the same core theories that you can find actively thriving in Star Wars Galaxies (online game) economic infrastructure.
And that was the one thing that no one ever complained about in the game.

And if you think that an online game serving around 3 to 4 thousand players on one server is going to design a shotty economic system that hogs up server proccesor speed when that game is made by Lucas Arts (a really greedy company)...think again.


Seems to me it could be, if done as follows -- this might even *reduce* server load.

Those are all very good ideas there.
I really liked 3.a of your post:


(3a) In fact, players could even flag requests as to whether or not they wanted the World Bank to even consider them.

I like this because it removes the silly automatic draw loan system.
It is completely possible to just go into the negative in commerce. And I'm not talking going negative because you owe loans.
I mean that you go negative because you spent more than you made and now you are negative...which really, really, really sucks.
And so, you will be very much in a hurry to get your butt over to the loan section and grab a loan.

Also, you could use the idea in point 2 of your post...


(2) "General" loan request would be put into a central pool which players could all view -- giving info about the requester and the requested terms. Players could select which loan terms to fulfill. an alternative to the World Bank automatic system of taking loans when you overdraft.
You click World Bank, General Loan, or None for your automated draw loans function.

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