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Lions foot

Thursday, December 25, 2003 - 12:20 am Click here to edit this post
i see. i still think it is good to have separate stocks for corporations (each has his own already). it would eliminate hundreds of clicks which are required to buy stock for each one when there is a great surplus and prices are low (neglecting contracts cos they kill profit).

but you are right, countries should not have anything to do with it. i just cant resist the temptation to handle purchase and supply from one screen. currently 'strategic' reserve screen enables me just that. also corps should pay for their own stocks and must be limited in size.

what i didnt realize is that this would set economics of this game to very easy and almost automatic (as you said), promoting war aspect of the game with economy only as a tool to buy arms and wage wars. it was not my intention, but as i see it now, i did just that.

nevertheless complexity of managing corps should not be in time spend with performing same actions over and over again. maybe more advanced managing should be introduced to compensate that. i realize this will increase game difficulty (newbs might find it too complex already).

another thing i suggested was that common market would count quality upgrades when calculating buy/sale prices. this also isnt smart (its stupid to be exact). it enables user to create closed market, supplying his whole industry and selling end products to his population without taking any risk that world market has. earning from day one, increasing profit with every upgrade he buys. there should be some penalties, but not like now when profit is equal for upgraded and non-upgraded corps.

something should also be done about loans. allowing amount that can be loaned in respect to how healthy economy is. if 500B can be earned monthly on them, why bother with economy, have those corps just to raise employment. or why have them at all, send all to the army...

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