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Tuesday, December 23, 2003 - 01:29 pm Click here to edit this post
The link that Lions Foot is referring to is yes in fact “called” a Strategic Stock. However, in reality, it is not. This so called Strategic Stock does in fact draw against the Countries “current product stock” which is used by the Countries population and the Countries current Armed Forces equipment. That is not a Strategic Stock Reserve. A Strategic Stock Reserve is a “stock” that is in “storage”. Its population or military does not use it for daily consumption. What the game has is a very vague variation of the term.

There are exactly 190 different commodities in production, of which a Countries population uses only 50. There are only 69 commodities listed on the so-called “Strategic Stock” link page. What about the other 121 commodities?

What I was writing about was the creation of a new link specifically dedicated to a “Strategic Country Commodity Storage Facility”, or “SCCSF” for short. This is a “facility” that the player can order and place in storage any number of different commodities. The player can later draw upon this “SCCSF” in an emergency. The current Strategic Stock on the “sell stock to local Corporations” is nothing like this. A “SCCSF” does not “rob Peter to pay Paul” as does the current Strategic Stock does.

In other discussion topics I have read comments about how to have long-term storage of several commodities. Several writers noted that you couldn’t store meat, vegetables and so on. Ever hear of cold storage? What about milk? That writer pointed out there is powered milk. That can be stored indefinitely. If it can be frozen, dried, vacuum packed or canned, it will last literally forever. Other commodities can be stored as long as man is alive, such a gold, oil, gas, and so on. They are already hundreds of billion of years old. What’s a few more years going to do to it?

The concept of a long-term strategic storage facility is a good idea well worth the game gods looking into. If they can utilize the current Strategic Stock page as a base and re-work it so that it does not draw against the populations and military daily consumption supplies, that would be a good start. The game gods can then expand the current listing of commodities.

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