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Defenders Corporation

Monday, December 22, 2003 - 12:31 pm Click here to edit this post
Hi SimCountry,

I would like to propose a game suggestion that may help alleviate the difficulty players encounter constantly due to the extreme shortage of supply commodities to their (and mine, lol) Corps.

Example: A Corp utilizes in its required supply for production the commodity “High Tech Services”. It utilizes a monthly quantity of 58,900 units. Currently, the system places an order when it’s supply goes below 58,900 units, which is just even with a final month of supply for production. That supply, depletes completely just prior to the following months required commodity orders, resulting in a critical shortage supply of material for production. This directly impacts the Corps commodity product output, which in turn, creates a shortage of that produced commodity, which in turn affects other Corps production as well. A “Domino Effect”.

This now outstanding order for “High Tech Services” is listed on the Corps pending orders list at the current market rate. However, it remains unfulfilled due to a shortage. It may go on remaining unfulfilled for two or even three game months before it’s request status changes to “immediate” request, meanwhile, the Corps commodity production is at a zero (0%) productivity due to the zero (0%) stock of High Tech Services on hand.

Proposal: Change the “order” sequence for when a Corp places an order for its commodity supplies. If a Corp utilizes 58,900 units a game month, the Corp automatically places an order three game months out at 176,700 units (three months supply) for its next requested delivery of its operating commodity supplies needed for full productivity. If at the second game month the order remains unfulfilled, it automatically changes its order request from the market price to a “priority” status (20% to 30% over market). If at the third game month and the last month of the Corps on hand available commodity supply and the order still remains unfulfilled, it automatically changes its order request from “priority” status to “immediate” status (40% to 50% over market). If at the second game month (fourth order month) over the unfulfilled supply request, the player can manually increase the commodity asking price to fulfill the outstanding order (or place an option on the Country automation page to do this automatically). This should help alleviate a Corps “down time” due to the lack of operating production supplies and assist in the stabilization of the World Market.

Another area of concern is (and others have suggested a similar idea as well) the establishment of a “Strategic Country Commodity Storage Facility”, or “FCCSF” for an acronym. All Civilized Nations do in fact maintain strategic supplies within their borders, for emergencies. Why not here in SimCountry. A player can occasionally, order and place various commodities in their “FCCSF” to be drawn from in the event of a critical particular commodity shortage and transfer a set quantity to a particular Corp within their Country (or CEO Enterprise) to keep that particular Corp solvent and productive. This option will also assist in keeping the volatile market place operating to prevent any possible collapse. This “FCCSF” could be placed on a separate “link” on the “My Corporations” page.

Your comments are most welcome. Thank you.

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