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Reserve troops (Golden Rainbow)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Reserve troops (Golden Rainbow)

John Christian (Golden Rainbow)

Thursday, November 11, 2004 - 11:40 pm Click here to edit this post
Would be great if perhaps the costs of maintaining standing army's could be reduced by creating a slider that you could adjust to show how much of your military is made up of reserve units.

Reserve units would cost less to maintain but in the event of war it would affect the worker levals in your industries, as they are called up for active duties.

Regular forces would be alowed to be scaled back as reserve units would only be needed in times of real war.

So the total maintanence costs of standing armies would be reduced by up to two thirds in peacetime with one third costs going to maintain equipment, weekend call ups and regular force units that are deployable.

Reserves are not deployable in peacetime only during times of declared war and the period leading up to battles comencement.

Strategic forces are never to be a reserve element. they are always standing. full cost applies.

It should also be possible that you may in time of war not need to activate reserve units or not need that many. Considering a 100% call up of reserves could hurt your industries. You may only want to call up as few as 5% or 10% at a time,If at all.

After a war those units called up remain regular force until you indicate that you want them to stand down and return to part time civilian life.
but this too should be done gradually, fully or not at all.
Returning units may find they dont have a job waiting for them and will require social assistance.. a 100% stand down could hurt just as bad as a 100% call up.

When buying new equipment in peace time they should be fully manned for the first two months or so after being bought to signify crews training with new equipment. After that the reserve troops go home and the cost of maintaining the equipment is reduced by up to 2/3.

Deployment of equipment in peacetime. Equipment that is fully deployed to defensive positions are fully manned by regular forces. Equipment stored at a defencive base is just that. stored.
and is considered maintained by reservists for the most part. you can only deploy the total amount of equipment that you have regular units for, the rest stays (stored) deployed at bases.

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