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A few simple war suggestions

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Hectors Dream

Sunday, December 14, 2003 - 01:24 pm Click here to edit this post
elle, why bother adding another unit when they have perfectly good ones already that arent very useful?
I think ratinonalizing a few of the existing units that are pretty much useless is a much better idea.

Pretty much every other unit has at least some tactical use. ALl in all, the system really works very well and is balanced in many ways (again, ignoring limits :) )

erehwons war-index modifications would be even better..but i like to stick with one set of ideas at a time.
Youve obviously never seen an a country with several thousand fortifications, taking up less than 100k people in a tiny army. Id love to see you try to conquer a country like that :P , and then ask you what you thought. Even better, id love to see you destroy them all, and damage the corporations...and in the 1 month interval before you could finish the country off, watch 500 more pop up. You dont even need defensive bases to buy them, so it cant be stopped.

The new war index rules make even large countries VERY durable. Nothing wrong with that, but massive durability should not be immediate, cheap, or easy.

invincible fleets, definitely. Forgot to mention them :)

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