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High tech weaponry

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Saturday, December 13, 2003 - 10:50 am Click here to edit this post
A) Education would be more important, atm it raises welfare, and increases graduates. Neither of these are really important in a world with worker transfers.

What?!? The most basic need of a successful country is a high education index. Transferring in educated workers is not only unrealistic in the amount of time and micro-management it would take, but would require a country with a high education index to transfer with.

As I've said before, I think this is a terrible idea. The playing field is already very unbalanced, and this would only do it more.

And I don't see how this would increase interaction at all. It would only concentrate power even further and make the game more difficult for most players. If you call begging a rich country for a stealth bomber "interaction", then I have to wonder what your real goals are.

c) War variation.
We would have different army structures facing each other. Instead of people using roughly the same armies. For instance some people may buy large quantities of the std weapons on the open market. Others may invest heavily in procuring "high tech" equipment either through trade deals, or through raising their own education. The balance of which proved a best strategy would be fun and interesting to discover.

That is already possible. All you're proposing is restrictions on some countries (not yours).

This could forseeably create a monopoly of power, and I think deep down that's what you want. Under your proposal, a rich, highly educated country could possess more powerful weapons which take up less workers. Which means they could either 1) Use more workers in their economy, keeping them at the top of the ladder in the rankings, 2) build more weapons keeping them dominant in the military aspect and/or 3) use these advantages to maintain their dominance.

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