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Some quick interface consistency cleanups (Kebir Blue)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Some quick interface consistency cleanups (Kebir Blue)

Imprudent Spender (Kebir Blue)

Monday, November 08, 2004 - 05:06 pm Click here to edit this post
(1) Buying/Selling strategy

In the automation window, the default buying/selling strategy for new corps is expressed in terms of plus/minus percentage of market price.

In the sales strategy section of corporation pages, however, it is expressed as absolute percentage of market price.

These two ought to be the same -- either both one way or both the other.

(Not noticing this caused me a minor economic crisis when I set new corps to start their sales request at 97% *under* market price... oops.)

(2) Contract offering/accepting

In the global settings for the multi-corp "offer contract" page, the order is local&common, local, common. In the "sign contract" page, the order is local, common, local&common.

These two should be in the same sequence, preferably the latter.

(3) Countries' contracts

Again: can these be expressed in units rather than $E. $E is far less useful.

Better than the current would be colums of: stock quantity (units); monthly use (units); % supplied by contracts; % paid.

% paid would be the one to index with market price -- it would be (price paid for month's contracted goods) / (price which would be paid for same quantity & quality on the world market)

(4) Setting salaries

When you open the multi-corp salary page, you get a column which gives the "current" salary index and a column with "increase by".

When you update it with changes, the current salary index changes. But this is misleading -- the current salary *hasn't* changed, what you're seeing is what it now *will* be, after the requested changes are implemented. If, loosing track of this, you go and put in a new change, it doesn't add that difference to the supposedly "current" value, but rather to the actual (and undisplayed) current value.

Better would be to make "current" salary *really* be the current salary and add a new column which lists "salary next month" or whatever.

This new column would list the results of implementing the requested "increase by" to the true "current" salary -- changing the "increase by" column and setting the changes *wouldn't* affect the "current" salary column but rather the "next month" column.

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