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Thursday, December 11, 2003 - 02:18 am Click here to edit this post
Well i do think financial strength sould be a factor. Yes there is a limit on purchasing..and i will take your word for it on the 60 FI thing. But as mentioned above that can be circumvented, and undeveloped countries can, through simple trades (workers and military) become quickly powerful. Thats not a bad thing exactly. But as we know countries with strong economies have large Research and development budgets and get a "technical edge" which can alleviate disparaging numbers (iraq being a simple example, or the falklands an example of superior training being the key).

Research levels, and country "tech levels" would be an interesting feature in my pov. It could be influenced by education, strength of economy etc. And be factored in to the quality of the weapons made WITHIN the country (those purchased on the open market would be of a std quality i guess). This would still leave people able to build quickly. But it would also give players other questions to ask themselves

For instance "should i build my army now, or should i start researching to improve the weaponry i produce".

I dont think it would limit warfare in any way, and i feel it would add to realism where financial muscle does equal the ability to build better weapons.

It would also be a way of truly moulding the economic and warfare sides of he game beyond purely how much can be nominally bought each month.

Of course this is probably impossible to implement ;p. Just throwing ideas around to give jozi a headache ;p

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