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What is Simcountry?

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Imprudent Spender (Fearless Blue)

Tuesday, November 02, 2004 - 02:10 pm Click here to edit this post
since the products on the market are so interconnected, just about everything would have the same tech level.

Yeah, I see what you mean. The more I think about it the more it seems that having an index, while sensible in principle, really can't be back-implemented into the system.

Now, some of the "tech level" is taken care of by the need for high-tech workers. But only some.

How about this as an adaption which could more easily be phased in:

Create a "research & development" industry. It would require computers, software, electricity, etc.

R&D would be phased in as a requirement of effectivity & quality upgrade production. It also would be stockpiled by countries & enterprises.

Every commodity would require a certain "quantity" of R & D. If a country or enterprise attempts to create a new corp -- i.e. producing a commodity for which it doesn't yet have any existing corps -- it would be required to "spend" that quantity of R&D to acquire the technology.

This would more realistically model the "investment" needed for developing higher-tech industries. It would tend to encourage starter countries to focus on the "lower tech" industries (since they'd not require buying R & D), but it would still let them pursue those if they want.

It also wouldn't require any real additional processing time -- just add in the new commodity (R & D) into the commodity list and make the one additional check in the "set up coorporation" code:

. if ( ! (HasCorpType(commodity)
..... if (RandDLevel(country) < RandDCost(commodity))
..... { NeedMoreRandD(); break; }
..... else
..... DeductRandD(country,RandDCost(commodity));

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