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Tuesday, November 02, 2004 - 02:19 am Click here to edit this post
Problem with that is that those corps that need high tech levels would almost be guarenteed to have huge deficets in supply/demand. You would set the world economy up for complete collapses during large roll over monthes with resets.

I see what you mean.

How about this, then -- simply have a "required tech level" associated with each different commodity globally, rather than calculating anything on a coorp-by-coorp basis.

Then all you need to do is
(a) implement a tech index
(b) check a country's tech index to see if it's high enough before allowing a given coorp to be built.

As to monthly crashes, could this be avoided if things were adjusted in such a way so that every product requirs a technology index at least equal to its most technologically-requisite component?

For example, if computers require a tech level of 40, then any company which uses computers would have a tech level of at least 40.

That way in large roll-over months, both demand and supply would be reduced together, provided that the higher-tech industries go first, thus taking out both production of the higher-tech stuff and consumption.

I realize there are other issues/complications, but surely having an appropriate technological "hierarchy" in this way would buffer the effect of large roll-over months.

Would this add much more processing?

I mean, I don't know what's involved in adding new commodities -- I"m imagining that it's coded in such a way that you have a table of commodity information in a generalized form which is easy to add to, but perhaps that's not the case?

Adding a does-the-country-have-the-tech-to-support-this check against the country's tech index for forming a new company would be, I"m guessing, simple; but I imagine adding in a new index would be a bit more substantial.

But if done this way, would it actually be much more processing beyond simply keeping the tech index of each country updated.

Seems to me the tech index should be calculated from:
(a) the education of a country
(b) the wealth of a country
(c) the amount of efficacy & quality upgrades the country's corps have invested in.
(d) perhaps the number of high-tech citizens?

I suppose (e) could be the average tech index of all corps in the country, but that might be unrealistic -- why shouldn't a well educated & high-tech country produce lots of raw materials and lots of high-tech stuff if it wants.

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