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Suggestions in geography (White Giant)

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Imprudent Spender (Kebir Blue)

Sunday, October 31, 2004 - 11:47 pm Click here to edit this post
On distance:

* Okay, so there's a fixed "distance" cost, which is easy to compute. Let's call it (d% * D), where d% is the amount added to the cost per 100 miles or something.

* Market values are computed as they currently exist (assuming that distance costs "average out" over the long haul, pun intended). Or, actually, market costs should be as they currently are calculated times an "average" distance cost, which can be assumed to be 1/4 of the distance around the world, yes?

* If you wanted to get sophisticated, you could eventually replace this "average" with an actual computation of the average distance-offset price of that commodity to that country.

On shipping:

* Shipping would use existing industries (air transport) plus new industries which could be introduced (sea transport, which in turn requires ships etc; trucking, which in turn requires trucks etc.) This allows gasoline to be used for more than just cars and air transport. One could also be ecoconscious and introduce alternate fuels (though there isn't an "either or" on raw material use, is there?)

* A country would generate a "shipping" index, modeled after current indices. This would be computed by the amount of "shipping" a country owned plus some effect of the existing transportation index.

* If it got more sophisticated, only port countries could build seaports & ships -- and isn't such a discrimination already used in navy production? (I haven't learned military stuff yet.)

* The shipping index would then offset the distance cost. I.e. there would be a s%*S, where S is the index and s% the reduction in cost provided by the shipping index.

price offset:

* Thus when a coorp checks the existing price on the world market and queries a specific coorp, it factors in this distance/shipping factor to the specific coorp's base price P.

* The formula might be something like:
MAX ( P , P*(d%*D-s%*S) ) + n%*D

where the MAX makes sure that it isn't ever *cheaper* to get things from abroad than it already costs in that country and the n% adds a "minimum" distance cost, so that it's always slightly more expensive to get things from further away.

I assume you're right about putting delays in being a substantial change to the existing system -- though, if things happen to be coded right, it could be nothing more than adding a "delivery queue" in place of the current instant-transfer system.

I.e. when they are bought, transfer goods not to a coorporation but to a "transport queue" (or, probably, transport table... or, even easier, a table of queues) sorted by "delivery time", and then every day check the transport table to see what's being "delivered" that day.

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