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Suggestions in geography (White Giant)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Suggestions in geography (White Giant)

Jorge Candeias (White Giant)

Sunday, October 31, 2004 - 07:35 pm Click here to edit this post
I imagine that #6 is relatively easy to implement, yes. All you need is that aditional computing step you mention plus a way to calculate distances, which is fairly simple since the game already has a coordinate system in place. #4 would be also fairly simple to correct (and, BTW, I oly mentioned stuff in the water, but I could have just as well mentioned cities, factories and fortifications insite other peoples' countries) but would probably need a much bigger database to fine-tune the geography.

Your #6-related suggestion of delays in delivery is also very interesting, especially combined with your shipping idea. Shipping firms, by having the know-how and capabilities to perform long-range distribution, would be able to lower both the price and the delay times of long-range imports when selling to their region. I think it is a major programming step, though.

I can also see a lot of challenges implementing #7, but it also requires a lot more care in the geographical details, so the implementation of some of the other suggestions would be first steps to the implementation of this one.

I'm much more a geography lover than a roleplaying, strategy or economy lover (geography and how it relates with human activities is what attracts me the most to this kind of game), and I'd like some other changes in the maps, but I can see lots of players complaining about some of those I have in mind. For instance, I'd love to see a world with realistic oceans, not those narrow chunks of "water", designed to maximize the land areas. I'd also love to see a lot more variation in country sizes, perhaps once #7 goes ahead by setting larger countries in areas of lower density of resources but also by means of using geographical limitations to determine how large the countries should be (on the real world, the smaller nations are almost invariably islands or archipelagos and mountain states). In either case, I can see people complaining about the reduction of available land areas and/or the big inequalities in country sizes and economical viability. One such world would perhaps need to have no awards, or to balance scoring in a different way, to reflect the efficiency of each player to explore the resources he has beforehand, not the absolute condition of his nation. Anyway, one such sophisticated world could still have well over 1000 territories to choose from (instead of putting everything the size of an average US state, just check out the sizes of all 1st order subdivisions in countries, at least above a certain limit, and count how many we've got in real world between states, districts, provinces, regions, departments and so on - The European Union has nearly 250 regions of some significance, Russia is composed of 89 territories, the US has 50 states, Brazil has 27, Mexico has 31, Argentina has 23 provinces, and so on. Here alone, we've got almost 500 territories and most of the world is not covered).

Climate would be nice too...

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