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Suggestions in geography (White Giant)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Suggestions in geography (White Giant)

Jorge Candeias (White Giant)

Saturday, October 30, 2004 - 04:56 am Click here to edit this post
Well, I dunno if this has been suggested before (I didn't check all the topics - it's too long a list), but I have a few suggestions that relate with geography. The real goodie is #6. If you're not much into geography go there directly.

1. First of all, I can see that you generate your maps automatically, cutting bits and pieces from real world maps (I've identified a few Britannys in White Giant) and sticking them together. That's a fast process, yes, but it's far from perfect. This leads to several repetitions (there's an area in White Giant that has the same coastline repeated 3 times), which is very unrealistic. Worse than that a lot of countries have very peculiar maps, with straight lined coasts where the two cutouts don't really fit together, and so on. Could this be solved?

2. There are also large discrepancies between the borders and the clickable areas in the maps, and this surely needs some work, because as it is the experience of browsing the world using the maps is not very enjoyable.

3. The third map-related thingy I came up with is the existence of several territories in each of the worlds that don't belong to any country. Practically all the small islands are included in this group, but other territories that could very well be a country are as well. This is annoying especially if you happen to be a neighbor of one such area, as I am in Fearless Blue.

4. It is really weird when your cities, roads and factories (and everything else, really) are in the middle of the ocean in closeup maps.

5. Some rivers would be nice too, but that's mostly cosmetics.

6. And now, for the good part: wouldn't it be nice if the price to pay for imports had attached a cost for distribution, making it cheaper to buy from neighbors than from faraway places? I think that this would add to the realism of the economical model and encourage regional deals, leading to a whole new level in gameplay. Of course, a downside to it is that a player who happens to start playing in an area that is economically depressed would have a harder time rising to world relevance, but then again that already happens if the country you happen to fall into is under heavy debt...

7. Something to think about for the future: attach to certain territories certain specific economic activities that are more adecuate for those territories. Cereals don't usually get farmed in mountains and fishing industries are a lot more profitable if the country has access to the sea or to a few major rivers, for instance. Certain areas could be declared rich in certain minerals and not others. That sort of thing.

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