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Ash Shakh Durbatuluk (Fearless Blue)

Thursday, October 21, 2004 - 04:24 am Click here to edit this post
First, thank you VERY muchly for your feedback nimz. Some good thinking here, ive saved a copy of your post on my comp and am spending some good time considering everything youre saying.

Short posts are overrated. Go for one quality long post a week, thats my motto (if you keep it up though, ill be overwhelmened and wont respond quickly though :) )

One overall comment: nothing else matters if I cant figure out how to make the econ work at a basic level :) , everything else is built on it (unless youd have no objections to world socialism, which I know how to model :) )


You might be able to model the languages by vectors in n-space.

I was planning on taking a set of cultural differences in total and modeling differences in magnitude in a similar fashion (n-space vectors...)

For example, I might have one axis for the amount of state control (ranging from i to n), another for a populations general attitude about conflict (ranging numerically from bloodthirsty to completely pacifist), etc etc etc. It doesnt really matter how many axes there are. Modeling languages in the way you describe would be easy IF the characteristics of languages can be defined and made to vary in some reasonable manner (do languages change? Sounds too complex to me..)

Got any suggestions for what the vectors would represent?

it captures a country dominated by the second language, there should be an effect on the languages, with the conquered country slightly leaning toward the empire language. There would also be linguistic training programs.

Right: governments could push their national languages by expending money, resources, and people on such projects. Other governments could funnel resources in language-retainment programs, and people would tend to want to keep whatever languages they had.

Extremely distant religious relatives would be apathetic.

disagree. Islamic and christian fundamentalists have waged war on buddhists and animists, even if they hate their various subsects as well.

To differentiate between the current language use and the language preference, perhaps vectors with imaginary quantities could be used.

Assuming I understand you correctly, Ill have to think about it. If you feel an urge to clarify, go ahead!

If you allow revolts due to language, religious, and ethnic barriers, why not deal with inactive players the same way? Have their empire revolt due to lack of leadership.

One of the things I was thinking about was that very option. The revolted country would then tend to join whatevr country most resembled it culturally, with adjustments made for country strength (they wouldnt join a weakling country at war, no matter how similar) and distance (likewise for joining someone on the other side of the planet)

However, this could lead to country gifting, something Id want to avoid.

network of vertices connected by edges

Why not just say "angles and lines." Lol! geez...

If Country A dislikes Country B, Country A may refuse to receive or move products that go thru Country B

Do you refer to an embargo, or just cultural dislike?

Honestly speaking, I dont think purely cultural differences should have this effect. French people tend to hate us Yanks, but there are always french folk willing to make a buck by being the most competitive shipper.

That's what you get for making the money market a zero sum game!

It is a zero sum game IRL :) , at any moment in time. Country and individual deficit spending only helps in the short run - eventually collapse is inevitable (and then everything has to be wiped)

National Debt irl usually takes the form of bonds offered by the government over long periods. If corporations offered the bonds instead, that could help alleviate the money suction problem

Until the government debts become unmanageable and everything goes to hell and a handbasket :)

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