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Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004 - 08:01 am Click here to edit this post
First and foremost anyone can land a goldmine country if they look for one.

But on to your main point of eliminating all C3s... I couldnt think of a worse thing to do.

1)The world economy would crash on all worlds, as C3s produce most if not all the little things that make no money. If the economy was player run no country would have enough food/consumer goods/and supplies for its own corps. As it is C3s get their supplies AFTER player controled countries get their orders filled and people still have shortages.

2)What your asking for is that every country would have to be nearly totally self sufficient, which in turn is impossible since you couldnt build all the corps you need to do so. There arent enough active players per world to have everyone have a few corps producing extra to cover other people's needs.

3)Lets say the economy balanced out in a few RL monthes from doing that. Any large war or even several small wars would send the entire world into an economic collapse. The lost corps due to that would be devastating. Keep in mind players would have to fight each other, since they wouldnt have C3s to push around. Getting a military to begin with could be difficult as you would probably need to have the corps in house. I'm sure suicidals would do it not caring about their own countries however, that wouldnt change from current.

4)The entire CEO part of the game would dissappear. You need permission to build in a country and presidents tend to be hostile toward CEOs. Sure you could bid on corps, but then the country can just nationalize it later or buy it with its own CEO. What would you do, move it? You again need permission. That is besides the fact that CEOs would make little to no money. They would be stuck paying the taxes the presidents wants. 70 to 80% taxes leaves little to no room for profit transfer.

5) There is alot more problems with it as well. Other people will probably add more that I'm not thinking of atm.

In conclusion... The world economy could balance itself out if the players wanted it too. If players built food corps instead of Tech. Or if players built mining corps instead of Industry. The economy is how it is because people dont want the crappy corps, they want to make money, they want big strong corps, they want to be able to support huge militaries. It is the conscience choice of the people that play this game that has the economy where it is. Just look at alot of CEOs/Countries. They have only a few differnt kinds of corps with no diversiving. They dont care about shortages, only the money they can make per month.

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