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Ash Shakh Durbatuluk (Fearless Blue)

Friday, October 08, 2004 - 04:38 am Click here to edit this post
If you were able to design your own world-simulation game, similar in theme to simcountry (or civilization of alpha centauri etc), but with different mechanics and rules, how would you do it? how would production, distribution, politics, education, transportation, war, and everything else be handled?

If anybody has some serious thoughts about designing a well-balanced system, which is fun while retaining as much realism as possible, id love to read them here. Perhaps w3c will read them and do something with them, but I will definitely read them, and I am in the process of designing just such a game.

I should note that there is a framework I have already developed for such a game - a large, very detailed, (relatively) scientifically accurate planet on which to play. This planet includes a great many things. It has volcanoes, mid oceasm rifts, tectonic plates, iron/uranium/oil/aluminum/everythingelse distributed according to current geological theories in varying quantities, weather (and zones with different agricultural productivity), different ecospheres and varying biodiversity, and atmosphere with actual concentrations of gases, rivers with variable flow rates, seasons, erosion, topsoil, fjords, etc etc etc etc.

The geology and landscape has been modeled with reasonable scientific accuracy. River beds were iteratively eroded, mountains were grown through crustal collisions, minerals were moved to the surface through deformations and volcanic activity, lakes were carved from simulated glaciers, and so on.

All of these variables would be available for manipulation in any game, and I would want them to be manipulated :) For example, mid-tech industrial activity produces pollution as well as products, intensive farming can remove topsoil, some places would be better to farm in than others, if you live near a fault line, there will be earthquakes (and likely volcanoes...), if enough nasty stuff gets added to the atmosphere there will be acid rain and global warming.

Again, I could detail the environment much more, but Its simpler if you just assume I can model any part of the natural environment you can think of. Most of the time you will be right.

Ive been working on a program to design such planets and maps for the last...oh, half year? I thought it would take much less time, but I found myself unsatisfied with arbitrary modeling or low complexity, so Its, um, taken longer.

Im still not quite done, but I am approaching completion and have a sort-of-done microworld modeled (about ~9000 square kilometers). the process should let me scale a full-size planet (and model its sun, planetary neighbors, etc in as much detail as I need - which isnt much :) )

Now, Ive got to start thinking about how the gamne itself should work.

How should countries be created? how should borders change? What should influence the behavior of the simpeople in the game? what about war? How the *&%^*&^ hell should the market work?

etc etc etc etc

I have many thoughts, but mine are neither the best nor the most organized and internally coherent. Eventually Ill detail thee thoughts, both here and on my own BB...but for now I was just curious if anyone here would be interested in posting thoughts about such stuff.

I promise to follow up on anything I read and respond every now and then. Winter's coming, ill be on my comp much more, and would like to start doing some real work on this project. is still quite a long term thing :)

so.....for all those discontented people, imagine how you would do things if you were in Jozis position the moment he launched SC....and tell me what you would have done! :)

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