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Some basic, simple user interface improvements we need: (Golden Rainbow)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Some basic, simple user interface improvements we need: (Golden Rainbow)

Tom Moonen (Kebir Blue)

Saturday, October 02, 2004 - 02:11 am Click here to edit this post
great suggestions by all, mostly david!

I had a few of my own and hope for not too many doubles, i couldn't read everything.

The first are contract related ; it's to combine the reserve for contracts feature with the 'offer contracts feature'. Would be nice to have it on the All Corps page as well.
As well as a feature to warn/prohibit people to offer more than 100% of their production

Right now a feature to cancel contracts that haven't been met for a certain number of times, or which are over, say %150 percent market's worth. Also, it would be nice to have a prospect view, showing what contracts would be like if signed for an individual corporation. One might decide no to sign for a contract that's going to be 125% of market's price.

my other ideas are about loans/interfaces... fleets and ordering/moving them then lastly an idea that might help us deal with market shortages.

Loans, a mass payback feature would be great.

Checkboxes with 'check all/remove all checks' would be great, even better; a search/filter system that can show generic lists of 'all loans from 2384 and onwards' or, 'all loans above 5%'. A combination of all that would rock

An ingame back button on all pages, refreshing info would also be great. It would however be nice if we could still use the browsers button NOT to have things refreshed, for instance when we want to resend a letter.

A slighly more fancy mail system (with line breaks when people push enter etc) would be nice. I found out one can use html but not everyone knows html. It would make my daily newsread a lot more readable.

How about the clinics for invalids, when do they come to get them out of their wheelchairs (or at least a few of them?)

Putting some of the warhospitals numbers into the Health score would do justice to the country. coping with war injured in my opinion. After all those hospitals are still saving lives.
Also i think the whole war hospital thing is still quite unrealistic. Finally put a wounded man into a hospital and he's got an increased chanced of dying! better him than me. But tricky to improve this feature.

More ideas:
An option for the fed chairman to see which members have signed a war treaty and which not.

And/or an option for members to keep signing their treaty a secret or not. like boxes again 'publish the signing to the fed'or 'chairman only'.

Fleets. i'd like to have a feature on the map able to show you an exact grid of Coords. 'show map around 80'. and 'navigate fleet to coords so and so'. instead of this clicking around, which is rather inaccurate. Another drawback of the current map system is the impossibility to see what areas are 'shallow' and which are not.

A warning, a month or so ahead, when enemy fleets are converging towards you? Or an advanced fleet scout option?

It would be nice to be able to specificly order for a certain fleetcommand or carrier.

Also, it would be nice to be able to order fleet defenses together with newly ordered commands/carriers. The second should be more simple than the first to realise. If defenses can't be delivered in time, add them later. if the fleet can't be delivered, add the defenses to a 'depot' or to another fleet.

My final idea was about defeating the shortages.
First of all i think some of the recent 'injections' didn't cure the system at all, they probbably caused the next crisis...
The sudden overflow caused prices to drop dramatically, causing my uncontracted totally upgraded multi billion corps value to plummet to the infamous 11M mark. many must have gone bankrupt. In turn that must have caused problems to the main suppliers of the service industries.

The idea i had might help deal with market shortages.

'Depots' as buffers.
A country or corp could buy or build a 'depot', making automated purchases and sales of materials at specified moments. It could be autoset to buy at 75% market prices (at moment of building), sell at 125% or any other number. the market price 'center' should be adjustable/resettable.

Companies or Countries to be delivered to should be defined, as well as any priorities between delivering to them. eg priority one: own corps 2 own country 3 fed countries, 4 CEOs 5 anyone else.
oh this can be good too: a not function: NOT to be sold to so and so :P
A Depot could be treated as a corp, but is purchase protected. Could be destroyed. or not?
and could make a good buck like a corp selling/buying from its supply.

Quantities of the bought, stored and sold products could be adjustable, as well as boycots of certain 'unused' products. The total quantity of goods to be stored should be huge, but not limitless. Big enough to give sufficient warning when stores run out, to rebuy or build corps to help... an indidation of stores for so many months with current consummation would be handy.

Hope you guys like all this... i know it's too much... but you might think of taking some things into your next upgrades...

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