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Military Training Programs (Kebir Blue)

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CSA . (Kebir Blue)

Friday, September 24, 2004 - 12:45 am Click here to edit this post
in the real world, one highly trained soldier is worth many barely-trained conscripts. it would add more strategic depth to the game if it was possible to invest money in time into raising the quality of trained units, and if buying high-quality units had an effect on this.

this idea could be linked to the product quality system. 'training quality' levels of troops could be on a scale of 100-250. the quality of military goods when bought will determine what 'training quality' that unit will start with. this could be averaged out with existing units to create an average 'training quality' for all units of that type. for example, if one heavy tank is bought at 250 quality, and the player already has one heavy tank at 100 'training quality', this will average out to 175 average 'traing quality for these two units.

training quality would then multiply the effectiveness of military units by a set amount, depending on how high the 'training quality' is. if the average quality rating of, for example, 10k heavy tanks is 250, then those 10k tanks would do the same amount of damage in an attack as 25k tanks.

the mathematical equation would be:- training quality / 100 = effectiveness of all units of that type

since it is unlikely all units would be at 250 quality, a country could then put a certain amount of units into a training program. there could be a choice of how hard the training would be- harder training would take longer and be more expensive but would increase the training quality by a larger amount. units in training would not be able to defend or participate in attacks like inactive units.

on top of this, the quality of ammo could also work the same way. the quality of the ammo could then be multiplied by the training quality of troops during an attack to get the final effectiveness rating. for example, 10k heavy tanks with ammo of quality 100 would do the same damage as 25k heavy tanks. 10k heavy tanks with ammo of quality 250 would do the same damage as 62.5k heavy tanks.

equation:- ( ammo quality / 100 ) * training quality of units = final effectveness of attack

the game gods have said that they want to reduce the numbers of military units in the game. this suggestion would do this, as well as adding an interesting new strategic feature.

the result this would have on player strategies would be to encourage the top players to build upgraded military corps in their own countries, just like in real life. CEO accounts would become more vital to militaristic players.

anyone have any thoughts on this? jonni gil, any comments?

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