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Paul Suter (Golden Rainbow)

Thursday, September 23, 2004 - 10:21 am Click here to edit this post
Users online screen would speed up in game communication - im for a more active discussion - the dev team dont have to do them all at once but the more popular discussions can be worked on first (first rule of customer service if something is wanted - esp paying GR players then work on implemenation) they are more likley to keep playing

Im all for speeding up ingame communication and as long as a discussion is on topic then thats fine.

More discussion equals more ideas - the dev team can go through - if there are more ideas they are more likley to come up with better ideas that work.

A way to reduce coding is to restream option screens (take the loan screen there is a suggestion discussion today that comes up with a near perfect solution - would speed up player actions - waste less player time while allowing the same thing - in some cases putting country money straight off corp loans instead of having to put money in then pay off (1 step saved) tick box of all corps on the debt screen to select which loans to pay off - the total is presented to the player who can ok or cancel action.

Natural disasters really ainta good idea until you can allow for speedy processing. Resource well ratios could be a factor but not just yet - coding we realise only so many things can be done at once. But ease of user use and streamlined actions could be a focus.

With to many requests they can get a list and priotise at least then they have an idea of what needs most attention - increase player discussion and perhaps putting polls to guage what players think (voting)

Send game updates - add the option for players to recieve a daily email if they so choose informing them of ingame news events war (most people check emails daily and this might prompt them to respond) esp if actions are easier and more time efficent.
Slow changes - well if GR was running at 4 game months per day instead of 3 that is 28 months in a week vs 21 - changes would work through the system much quicker.

Communication well go back to IRC - and have user online screen so players can find out who is logged in and use the ingame message system more efficently.

Well i have been an active poster in recent days - have lots of experience in other games and by being so - i need to be much more targetted though i will admmit - but will stay on topic from now on. Is that by raising activity posting on forums levels - it might annoy some a little bit but you tend to get more activity - and this encourages ingame community feel - more players stick around even sign up for GR perhaps and the dev team can get more ideas - free flow of information and knowledge and opinions and it improves the game long term. But mods feel free to delete or alter any of my posts that are off topic - i dont intentially spam but am a active contributor and ideas person - i should settle down after a week though.

Hey my idea last year to put in visa and mastercard payments made it easier for a lot more players to pay to play.

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